Elliptical Cycling World Championships

When we set out to create the world’s first outdoor elliptical bike, our dream was not just to create a revolutionary new product, but also to launch a new competitive sport. In 2010, we took our first step toward realizing that dream by hosting the first ever Elliptical Cycling World Championships, with the female and male victors each claiming the ElliptiGO Founders’ Cup. Each year the depth of talent has increased and a new ascent record has been set. Read the recap and see photos from the 2019 race here.

The Elliptical Cycling World Championships consists of a timed ride up Palomar Mountain that climbs 4,209 feet in just 11.69 miles. The average grade is almost 7%. Click here to see a route and elevation map of the course.

World Champs of Elliptical Cycling 2016

2016 Podium Finishers. (L-R) Brandon Birdsong, Rusty Snow, Sarah Brown, Addie Bracy, Erin Whiting

To read about the event in previous years and see results and photos, go to the appropriate page below:

Elliptical Cycling World Champions

Men’s Champion Time
2020 Erik Wippler 1:16:19
2019 Johnny Crain 1:11:33
2018 Rusty Snow 1:12:21
2017 Rusty Snow 1:11:47
2016 Rusty Snow 1:10:58
2015 Rusty Snow 1:11:05
2014 Rusty Snow 1:09:55
2013 Rusty Snow 1:11:53
2012 Rusty Snow 1:10:49
2011 Paul Thomas 1:16:32
2010 Damian Barlow 1:25:14

Women’s Champion Time
2020 Molly Seidel 1:33:29
2019 Katie James 1:32:20
2018 Whitney Krempin 1:38:41
2017 Madeleine Marecki 1:41:00
2016 Sarah Brown 1:16:00
2015 Sarah Brown 1:20:28
2014 Deb Maier 1:28:25
2013 Sara Slattery 1:32:40
2012 Robyn Benincasa 1:41:01
2011 Tammy Wildgoose 1:39:07
2010 Angela Shartel 1:41:32

Stand Up Cycling World Champions

Men’s Champion Time
2020 Brian Kildow 1:14:21
2019 Billy Grace 1:12:33

Women’s Champion Time
2020 Keri Cleeremans 1:47:08
2019 Amy Glen 1:36:09

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Qualifying for the Elliptical Cycling World Championships

The qualification process is below. If you have any questions about the event that aren’t answered here, please email us.

In order to qualify as a non-elite participant, you must have completed and submitted the results of an official event or self-administered qualifying ride that you completed within the time limits listed below:

Elevation Gain per Unit Distance of Ride
(50 miles or
80.5 kms)
Metric Century
(62.1 miles or
100 kms)
(100 Miles or
161 kms)
0-50 ft/mile or
0-15.2 meters/1.6km
4 hours 5 hours 8 hours 30 mins
Over 50 ft/mile or
Over 15.2 m/1.6km
5 hours 6 hours 10 hours 30 mins


These times are TOTAL RIDE TIME, including stops, from start to finish. So, for example, if you complete a century ride (100 miles) that has 6,500 feet of climbing over the whole route, you would need to complete that ride in under 10.5 hours to qualify to participate. Similarly, if you complete a half-century ride that has an elevation gain of 1,200 feet over the whole course in under 4 hours, then you will have qualified to be selected to participate.

To increase your chances of earning a spot if the race is oversubscribed you can complete more events overall or complete events significantly faster than the cutoff times.

If you choose to complete a self-administered qualifying ride, you will need to do the following:

  1. Before you start your ride text or send via Whatsapp a photo of you and your ElliptiGO to +1.650.575.3070. This will serve as your official start time – so text it right before you take off.
  2. Track your ride on Strava and send a link to your Strava ride to [email protected]
  3. When you end your ride text or send via Whatsapp another photo of you and your ElliptiGO to +1.650.575.3070. This will serve as your official finish time – so text it right when you are done.

We will check the time of the photo texts with the times on Strava to make sure everything matches up. If you have any questions, please send an email to [email protected] before you do your ride.

If you choose to complete an official ride, please follow the below instructions:

Applying to Participate

To apply for selection to participate, you must send an email to [email protected] with the following information:

  1. Basic Information
  • Your full name
  • A link to the event’s website
  1. Evidence of Participation
  • A photo of you and your ElliptiGO at the event
  1. Evidence of Time-Performance

Please submit ONE of these options listed below:

  • A link to your Strava profile or another web-based training data provider that shows your ride and matches the event date and course route
  • A link to the official event results that lists your name, completion of ride, and time
  • An email or scanned note from the event director or other official event staff certifying that you did complete the distance in a specific time

Once Marketing receives and reviews your email, he will send you an email to confirm that your lottery entry has been accepted. If you have a question about the event or the qualification process that was not answered above, please contact Marketing.

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