50 ElliptiGO Athletes GO for Their Ticket to Tokyo at the US Olympic Track & Field Trials

Chanelle Price - 800m

Chanelle Price – 800m

After a stressful and uncertain 18 months, athletes are eager to get back to toeing the line. Whether you’re an amateur who loves running in your local charity 5k or an elite athlete who is competing at the highest levels, there’s nothing more exciting than waking up on race day!

For some of the elite athletes who utilize ElliptiGO bikes as a part of their training, the excitement, the nerves, the celebration of race day is returning in a major way from June 18 to 27 at the U.S. Olympic Track & Field Trials in Eugene, Oregon.

The Olympic Games is one of the most-watched events in the world, and, for sports like Track & Field, it’s seen as the highest level an athlete can reach. The Games take place once every four years and in most cases, allow a maximum of 3 athletes from each country per discipline. For the United States, that selection process for the Track & Field Team is decided through a Trials Championship.

Making the team requires physical and mental sacrifices to put yourself in contention. Elliptical and stand-up bikes help these athletes lower their risk of injury while building strength and endurance. ElliptiGO is proud to have created a product that’s become an invaluable resource for an increasing number of professional athletes, including many who are headed to the Olympic Trials.

Emily Infeld – 10K

As the competition fields have just been announced, we are very happy to see approximately 50 ElliptiGO athletes accepted into these Trials. Find out which athletes qualified and which events they’ll be competing in below! Learn how you can tune in and watch them live on the broadcast schedule.

Here are some of the highest-ranked athletes coming into these events who utilize ElliptiGO bikes:

In the Women’s 5,000 Meters, Flagstaff-based Rachel Schneider is ranked 6th with a time of 14:52. Followed closely by Furman University alum and current Brooks Beasts athlete Allie Buchalski in 7th with her 14:57 time.

In the Women’s 10,000 Meters, Phoenix-based Emily Sisson is ranked 3rd with a time of 30:49, followed closely by 2016 Olympian Emily Infeld in 5th with a 31:08. Rachel Schneider is slated to double back after the 5,000 concludes and give herself a chance at this distance as well. She’s ranked 6th with 31:09. Also in the field are long-time ElliptiGO users Sara Hall and Stephanie Bruce, who both competed at the Marathon Trials last February.

In the Men’s 3,000 Meter Steeplechase, Michigan-based, former NCAA Champion Mason Ferlic is ranked 3rd with a time of 8:18.

In the Women’s 800 Meters, there will be a couple of local favorites with Eugene-based OTC Elite members Hanna Green and Chanelle Price, who are ranked 4th and 7th respectively. They will be joined by 2016 Olympic finalist Kate Grace, who is ranked 6th and has been a longtime ElliptiGO user, now part of the Team Boss training group that ElliptiGO supports in Boulder. In the Women’s 1500 Meters, Kate’s teammate Cory McGee and True Blue Elite member Shannon Osika will be among the favorites with their 8th and 4th respective rankings. Both athletes are also slated to double back in the 800m later in the schedule.

Natasha Hastings – 400m

In the sprints and jump events, 2012 Olympic medalist Erik Kynard is ranked 5th in the High Jump and 2016 Olympic gold medalist Natasha Hastings will be competing in the 400 Meters.

As one of the most decorated athletes in the sport, Allyson Felix is already the only Track & Field athlete to win 6 Olympic gold medals along with her 13 gold medals at the World Championships. She will hope to make her fifth Olympic Games in the 400 Meters and/or the 200 Meters.

It’s going to be an exciting time and we encourage you to follow along on our social media pages as we update notable performances from Eugene and announce which ElliptiGO athletes become Olympians in the process!


Women’s 200 Meters

  • Allyson Felix

First Round: Thursday 6/24 @ 6:31 pm PDT
Semi-Finals: Friday 6/25 @ 4:25 pm PDT
Final: Saturday 6/26 @ 7:24 pm PDT

Women’s 400 Meters

  • Allyson Felix
  • Courtney Okolo
  • Natasha Hastings

First Round: Friday 6/18 @ 4:30 pm PDT
Semi-Finals: Saturday 6/19 @ 7:20 pm PDT
Final: Sunday 6/20 @ 7:06 pm PDT

Women’s 800 Meters

  • Hanna Green
  • Chanelle Price
  • Cory McGee
  • Allie Wilson
  • Shannon Osika
  • Lauren Johnson
  • Emily Richards

First Round: Thursday 6/24 @ 7:00 pm PDT
Semi-Finals: Friday 6/25 @ 3:02 pm PDT
Final: Sunday 6/27 @ 4:52 pm PDT

Men’s 800 Meters

  • Drew Piazza
  • Drew Windle

First Round: Friday 6/18 @ 5:26 pm PDT
Semi-Finals: Saturday 6/19 @ 7:04 pm PDT
Final: Monday 6/21 @ 5:28 pm PDT

Women’s 1500 Meters

  • Shannon Osika
  • Cory McGee
  • Dani Jones
  • Dani Aragon
  • Karisa Nelson
  • Heather Kampf
  • Lauren Johnson
  • Amanda Eccleston
  • Amanda Rego

First Round: Friday 6/18 @ 4:03 pm PDT
Semi-Finals: Saturday 6/19 @ 6:40 pm PDT
Final: Monday 6/21 @ 5:05 pm PDT

Men’s 1500 Meters

  • Henry Wynne
  • Vincent Ciattei
  • Ben Blankenship
  • Izaic Yorks
  • David Ribich

First Round: Thursday 6/24 @ 6:04 pm PDT
Semi-Finals: Friday 6/25 @ 4:05 pm PDT
Final: Sunday 6/27 @ 5:10 pm PDT

Women’s 5000 Meters

  • Rachel Schneider
  • Allie Buchalski
  • Lauren Paquette
  • Abbey Cooper
  • Dana Giordano
  • Maddie Alm
  • Sammy George

First Round: Friday 6/18 @ 5:54 pm PDT
Final: Monday 6/21 @ 5:40 pm PDT

Men’s 5000 Meters

  • Ben True

First Round: Thursday 6/24 @ 8:04 pm PDT
Final: Sunday 6/27 @ 4:30 pm PDT

Women’s 10,000 Meters

  • Emily Sisson
  • Emily Infeld
  • Rachel Schneider
  • Alicia Monson
  • Sara Hall
  • Stephanie Bruce
  • Elaina Tabb
  • Lauren Paquette
  • Lindsay Flanagan
  • Jessica Watychowicz

Final (2 Sections): Saturday 6/26 @ 6:44 pm PDT

Men’s 10,000 Meters

  • Ben True

Final: Friday 6/18 @ 7:25 pm PDT

Women’s 400 Meter Hurdles

  • Ashley Spencer

First Round: Friday 6/25 @ 3:35 pm PDT
Semi-Finals: Saturday 6/26 @ 6:19 pm PDT
Final: Sunday 6/27 @ 4:20 pm PDT

Women’s 3000 Meter Steeplechase

  • Colleen Quigley
  • Leah Falland
  • Gabbi Jennings
  • Sara Vaughn
  • Annie Rodenfels

First Round: Sunday 6/20 @ 6:35 pm PDT
Final: Thursday 6/24 @ 8:47 pm PDT

Men’s 3000 Meter Steeplechase

  • Mason Ferlic
  • Jordan Mann
  • Craig Nowak
  • Brandon Doughty

First Round: Monday 6/21 @ 4:29 pm PDT
Final: Friday 6/25 @ 4:42 pm PDT

Men’s High Jump

  • Erik Kynard

Qualifying: Friday 6/25 @ 3:00 pm PDT
Final: Sunday 6/27 @ 1:30 pm PDT

Kate Grace – 800m

In addition to the hundreds of professional athletes using ElliptiGO products, thousands more athletes at over 300 high schools and universities are incorporating ElliptiGO training into their routine for greater performance results. If you’re an athlete, coach, or a weekend warrior looking to better your performances, be sure to visit our athletics page for more information. You can also contact us directly at [email protected].

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    It should be an excellent 8 days! Hoping to see some GO athletes grab a spot on the Team.
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