American Legion Helps Veterans Get on the GO

ElliptiGO is always excited to work with amazing organizations that serve those who have served our nation. Our CEO and founder Bryan Pate and our Vice President of Sales and Marketing Bryce Whiting were members of the military, serving in the U.S. Marine Corps and the U.S. Navy respectively. 

Over the years, we’ve had the pleasure of meeting some amazing veterans with inspiring stories who choose to stay active with the help of ElliptiGO bikes. Recently, we learned that an outstanding program from a historic organization was assisting veterans with purchasing an ElliptiGO bike: the American Legion’s Operation Comfort Warriors program.

The American Legion was founded in 1919 and has built a legacy of advocating for veterans. From writing the G.I. Bill to supporting the creation of the Department of Veterans Affairs, they have proven time and time again to be a resource for those that have served in all kinds of capacities. 

Operation Comfort Warrior is a special program designed “to provide ‘nonessentials’ – items that help wounded warriors’ recovery but don’t usually show up as a budget line on government spreadsheets.” Last year, a U.S. Army veteran named Amber McGee submitted a request for a grant to this program for an ElliptiGO bike. Amber served in both Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. ​​The American Legion’s Member Engagement Coordinator who heads up Operation Comfort Warrior, Doug Chace said it was the first time he’d heard about our products.

Amber has intermittent partial paralysis of the sciatic nerve due to an accident that occurred during her service. It caused back pain when she ran and she found her legs would go numb during a ride on a traditional bike. After obtaining her ElliptiGO bike through Operation Comfort Warrior, Amber has been able to get back to being active! She also was able to get a Fluid 365 Trainer to ensure she can stay active in the winter months.

She shared this with the Legion: “…this is exactly what I was looking for. I want to be more active. I want to have a better quality of life…Every time I see it I get a huge smile on my face. It makes me so happy. It’s really cool, and it gives me so much cardio…With this bike, I can actually go explore which is so nice.”

Doug shared that fitness equipment is one of the most popular requests coming in through Operation Comfort Warrior. This should come as no surprise, as fitness can be such a helpful tool for maintaining both mental and physical health as veterans transition to civilian life.

Doug is a veteran himself and has a passion for the work he does every day. He told us, “I have found my last job. I love what I do here.” Doug, thank you for spearheading this program and helping the veterans with dreams of being active again get the tools they need!

Since Amber received her ElliptiGO bike and shared her story with the American Legion community, Operation Comfort Warrior has received five more requests for grants for ElliptiGO Bikes. Amber told the Legion, “Having this bike is changing my life.” Amber, thank you for sharing your story and for making us a part of your journey. 

Thank you to you both for your service.

Curious about how you can support Operation Comfort Warrior and ensure veterans can get those important items that bring them comfort and impact their daily life? Monetary donations are the fastest and easiest way to help the Legion purchase these items and provide them to veterans. 

You can donate online here. If you prefer to mail a check, you can send it to:

Operation Comfort Warriors
The American Legion
5745 Lee Road
Indianapolis, IN 46216.

Want to learn more? Check out this page all about Operation Comfort Warrior, visit the American Legion online, and follow them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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  1. David Pittman says:

    What a great program! I’m glad Amber knew about ElliptiGO and was able to get a bike through Operation Comfort Warrior.

  2. Katie Blau says:

    What a great program! Keep up the good work! Nobody will regret getting an ElliptiGO.

  3. Rod Martin says:

    I have had an ElliptiGO for just over 10 years. What an exercise machine! I had often wished I had taken mine to Kandahar with it’s level areas on base. I’m also 67 with freshly diagnosed MS and CLL (Leukemia). I would love to show our local (Elizabethtown, KY) American Legion the health benefits of this machine.

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