April 2015 Rider of the Month

April 2015 Rider of the Month, Amy GlenAmy Glen

This month, we are proud to announce Amy Glen as our April Rider of the Month! Amy was just recently introduced to the ElliptiGO, and is already making great strides in the community. In April, she rode over 1000 miles! That’s some serious dedication, working up to an average of nearly 47 miles per day.

As of the first week of May, she has already completed over 1,800 miles on her GO, and is participating in Every Day In May. Awesome job, Amy! We can’t wait to see how far you GO. Say hi to your adorable dog, Toby, for us!

Quick Facts About Amy & Her Accomplishments
1. Tell us a little bit about your athletic background? How would you classify yourself pre-ElliptiGO – Runner, Cyclist, General Fitness Enthusiast?
I’d most definitely classify myself as a runner, although I’ve been heavily into cycling at times, mainly during periods when I’ve been recovering from a running injury. I’ve been running since I was a teenager, and from time to time, I have participated in running events (10km, half-marathon, 30km), but not at a competitive level. For me, running is simply an enjoyable past time.
2. When/How did you first learn about the ElliptiGO and what was the primary factor that lead to you training on it?
I saw someone riding an ElliptiGO when I was out for a run in October last year and I knew straight away that I wanted one. I could immediately see its great potential as a means of recovery training instead of cycling (which I must admit I’ve never liked), allowing me to run, but without impact, especially now that I’m recovering from a stress fracture in my lower back. That (recurring) injury reared its ugly head in mid March, so I got on my GO and haven’t looked back. I’m absolutely loving it! So much so that I’m going to find it hard to get back into my running routine. For now, at least, the Every Day in May (EDIM) challenge is keeping me on the GO!

3. What enticed you to ride 1000mi last month? Was it a goal, or simply a byproduct of your typical training regimen? Nothing in particular, apart from my hunger for long distance running. I started out riding 50-60km (~32-37mi) each day and rather quickly worked that up to an average of around 75km (~47mi) per day. To me, that distance on the GO feels roughly equivalent to running around 25km (15.5mi). During the past six months, I had been running around 27km each day. That’s excessive, I know, but I find it hard to hold myself back and now I’m paying the price by suffering from yet another stress fracture (the 7th over my lifetime as a runner). Fortunately I’ve never had any other kinds of running injuries; in particular, no common knee problems to speak of as yet (touch wood!).

4. How does the ElliptiGO fit into your typical exercise/training philosophy and how has that approach changed since your first 1000mi month?
My ElliptiGO essentially allows me to continue to “run” long distances without the impact. After my relatively short, but intense, period of using it over the past few months, I can see the GO being a mainstay in my exercise routine, even when I’m fully capable of running long distances again (hopefully in June). I’m planning to alternate between the two, i.e., running one day, then GOing the next, as well as using the GO to go to and from work, the shops, or the park (sometimes with my little dog in tow!). I have no doubt that keeping the GO as part of daily life and running regime will greatly reduce my risk of another stress fracture, while also helping to build up my strength and speed in preparation for my first attempt at running a full marathon.

5. What goals do you have your sights set on next? Both ElliptiGO-related (another 1000mi month) and what you are using the ElliptiGO to train for (running race, cycling, etc)?
Yep, I’m hoping to again reach 1000+ miles during May (currently averaging around 330mi per week). I just hope there won’t be too many rainy days as we’re heading into Winter down here (Australia). On the positive side, those inevitable wet days will be a good opportunity for me to have a go at running again

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