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Injury: the dreaded word for the serious athlete. It doesn’t have to be, though. Combining the best of running, cycling and the elliptical trainer, the ElliptiGO bike integrates run-specific, low-impact cross-training into one device. Increase training volume of low mileage athletes, keep injured athletes engaged and motivated, and enable the entire team to continue training together.

Join more than 200 Universities and High Schools, 300 professional athletes and 40 professional teams and discover why ElliptiGO has become the new standard for cross-training among performance athletes.

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The ElliptiGO bike has quickly become one of the most sought-after cross-training tools to substitute and supplement runs due to its highly efficient, low-impact running motion. See how you can incorporate ElliptiGO training and guide your athletes to their highest potential.

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Here’s a small selection of the 200+ schools and 50+ professional teams
that are successfully integrating ElliptiGO training into their program:

Research Studies

UC San Diego Metabolic Testing Study

Determined that riding an ElliptiGO bike required on average 33% more effort than a conventional bike at the same speed. Heart rate and perceived exertion were found to be a 1:1 ratio between the ElliptiGO bike and running, based on workout duration. Read More

Ohio University Study

Determined that fitness improvements gained between ElliptiGO-only training and run-only training were matched in terms of ventilatory threshold, VO2max, respiratory compensation point, running economy and even 5,000m Time Trial results. Read More

University of Memphis Study

Determined that performance improvements can be gained when replacing a few runs per week with cross-training and that ElliptiGO training was the only cross-training that helped improve fuel economy and lower limb joint mobility. Read More

“I use the ElliptiGO multiple times a week, to add on to an easy run day (7-9 mile run followed by 30 min ElliptiGO), for a shakeout (30-40 min ElliptiGO easy), or to simulate a workout completely (6 x 800, 2 x 400 on outdoor track w/ 1 lap easy in between). I use a lot of differnt cross training options, but I find the ElliptiGO better for simulating a regular run; my heart rate is very similar and it feels like the perfect effort.”
– Amanda Eccleston, NCAA Champ, 4th at Olympic Track & Field Trials (1500m) Read the Athlete Spotlight>

“We have injury-prone athletes that just can’t run the mileage it takes to compete at a national level. With the ElliptiGO, we can have them run a safe mileage for their body to keep them healthy, and then supplement those miles with extra workouts on the ElliptiGO.” –Doug Soles, Head Coach at Great Oak High School, National XC Team Champions Read the Team Spotlight >

“From a basketball standpoint, we can get the conditioning that we need, keep the stress levels down, and get outside for athletes that are traditionally training indoors. We get all 30 athletes on them at least 4 times a week and combine these sessions with our heart rate monitoring system so we can prescribe workouts more specifically on the athlete’s heart rate.” – Michael Bewley, Director of Strength & Conditioning for Basketball, Clemson University Watch the Video Interview>

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In the Press

Cross-Training to the Olympics

Diagnosed with a stress fracture at a critical time in her preparations for the Olympic Trials, Emily Infeld took to the ElliptiGO bike. She was able to qualify for the 2016 Olympic Games. Read More

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Professional runner Stephanie Bruce uses the ElliptiGO bike for an easy, low-impact cross-training tool. Read More

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