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  • Katie Mackey on a Trainer

    ElliptiGO Athlete Spotlight: Katie Mackey

    Photo Credit: Phil Roeder – Katie Mackey is a professional runner for Brooks Sports, specializing in the 1500m, 3000m, and 5000m distances on the…

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  • Todd Williams

    Running On My 11R

    What if you were told you could no longer do the thing you loved most? Todd Williams of Colorado was informed he could no longer…

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  • Waldon Adams

    Sober and Off the Streets, Waldon Adams Moves Forward

    Waldon Adams has gone through a lot: he’s battled a bevy of health issues, overcome alcoholism and depression, and was homeless. Now, after getting an…

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  • Lyn Paulos

    Dream Bike Leads to Dream Race

    This bike helped me realize a dream. I bought this bike for two reasons. One, I saw Jenny Hadfield using it to help with her…

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  • IRONMAN Matt Petersen

    Gaining Iron Strength With ElliptiGO

    Thirteen-time IRONMAN Matt Petersen incorporates the ElliptiGO 8C and Arc 8 to gain peak performance for triathlon. The 40-year-old out of Third Lake, Illinois shares…

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  • Lyn Huston

    Lyn Huston Kicks Obesity to the Curb

    Lyn Huston continues to inspire with her amazing story of reclaiming her health. Once 247 pounds, Lyn now weighs a svelte 158, thanks to riding…

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  • Sara Vaughn CIM

    ElliptiGO Athletes Excel Across The Nation 2021 was a fantastic year for elite, collegiate, and high school ElliptiGO athletes across the nation! We’re proud to be trusted by top runners who...

  • 2021 Stand Up Champion Brian Kildow Palomar Ride

    2021 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS RESULTS On Oct. 24, the 12th annual ElliptiGO World Championships brought 30 athletes up Palomar Mountain in North San Diego County. The 11.69 mile route features...

  • Winter Classic 2022

    9th Annual ElliptiGO Winter Classic Recap Earlier this month, the Global ElliptiGO Riders Club (GERC) hosted the 9th Annual ElliptiGO Winter Classic in Scottsdale, Arizona. We had 35 riders from ten...

  • Anna Thatcher

    Anna Thatcher – December Rider of the Month Many members of our ElliptiGO family are no strangers to pain. Whether from a particular incident or simply from overuse, aches and injuries can be both...