From Army Boots to ElliptiGO Pedals:
Marcia Roan’s Active Adventures with ElliptiGO

From an Army career to teaching to coaching, Marcia Roan’s journey is a testament to her drive and versatility. Working out had always been a priority for her, so when a top runner and coach told Marcia to get an ElliptiGO bike, she listened. Alongside her husband Chris, Marcia has embraced the ElliptiGO lifestyle, not only for personal fitness but as a shared activity that strengthens their bond.

Marcia says, “I’ve had an Army ID card my entire life.” She grew up as an Army brat, received an ROTC scholarship to Lafayette College, joined the Army after college and eventually married Chris, a fellow Army officer. Military life kept Marcia and Chris on the move, sending them to eight different locations during their Army careers. Along the way, they welcomed their three kids (“Three amazing kids!” notes Marcia), Kate, John and Scott. After having her second child, Marcia decided to leave the Army to stay home with the kids.

While they were stationed in Germany, Marcia went back to school for a master’s in education and eventually started teaching middle school science. When their family moved back to the U.S., to Fairfield, Pennsylvania, Marcia began substitute teaching at a high school. Then she was asked to start a cross-country team for the school.

Though she didn’t have coaching experience, working out was always an integral part of Marcia’s life, and she was an avid runner. “I started running as an ROTC cadet in college and continued in the Army,” she shares. Marcia ran her first marathon when she turned 40. The year she turned 50, Marcia ran a half marathon every month. And when she turned 53, Marcia ran the Boston Marathon. So, she decided to take on the challenge of assembling a cross-country team, as well as coaching track and field.

Then, Steve Spence invited her to coach at his cross-country camp at Shippensburg University. Spence, an Olympic marathoner, World Championships marathon bronze medalist and multi-time Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference (PSAC) Coach of the Year, is well-known for churning out All-American runners. Marcia notes, “Spence has a fleet of ElliptiGOs for his runners as well as personal ones for his family.”  

When Spence gave Marcia some personal advice, she listened. She says, “Steve Spence told me if I wanted to run into my 70s, I’d better start cross-training on an ElliptiGO.” Marcia purchased an 11R in 2020 and she now runs about half the time and rides her elliptical bike half the time, depending on the season.

“GOing has definitely been an amazing cross-training opportunity. It’s the same motion as running, but less stress on the knees and back,” Marcia notes. “And riding the GO is so much more fun!”

Marcia quickly integrated with the ElliptiGO community and joined the Global ElliptiGO Riders Club (GERC). “Everyone is so encouraging,” says Marcia. “I truly enjoy the ‘friendly’ competition, except maybe in September — that’s a little intense!” (September is typically the Team Tournament month of GERC’s annual Get Out and GO [GOGO] competition.) Marcia also purchased an RSUB. She loves the workout she gets on the RSUB, but notes that she can GO farther on her 11R.

Marcia and Chris had run together in the past, but eventually they were running at different paces. ElliptiGO bikes now allow them to work out together. A year after Marcia bought her 11R, her husband purchased an MSUB. “GOing is perfect for us,” says Marcia. “We ride together whenever possible.” They even added Bluetooth intercom headsets to their helmets so they can safely and easily communicate while riding.

One of the things Marcia and Chris enjoy most is acting as informal ElliptiGO ambassadors. They’re often approached by strangers who ask about their unusual bikes. “We love spreading the word about how much fun they are to ride,” shares Marcia. “Because we have two different types, an elliptical bike and a stand-up bike, it’s fun to talk to people about the differences between the two and share our experiences with them.” They always encourage people to join the ElliptiGO Facebook group to learn more and to experience the ElliptiGO community. 

Marcia adds, “Chris is getting ready to retire next month, and we are excited to have more time to GO.” However, she notes that she and Chris haven’t been riding as much lately as they’d like to. After Marcia had coached cross country and track for 11 years, she and her husband relocated to Winston-Salem, North Carolina, to care for Chris’s mother. And they also adopted Stan Lee, a pitbull mix, last year. Caring for their family understandably takes priority over riding.

But when they are able to travel, Marcia and Chris welcome the opportunity to ride with other ElliptiGO owners. They traveled together to Florida in 2023 for an organized ElliptiGO ride, which Marcia counts among her favorite rides. Additionally, Marcia met up with some fellow ElliptiGO riders last summer for a ride on the Eastern shore. This summer, Marcia and Chris are hoping to go to Ohio for the Tour de Donut. Mmm, donuts!

Marcia, thank you for sharing your story. We know you and Chris will continue to enjoy GOing together. And since you’re cross-training on your ElliptiGO bikes, you’ll be riding and running into your 70s … and beyond!


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