December 2019 Rider Of The Month – Patricia Klein

Our December Rider of the Month, Patricia Klein, is Passionate about Building the ElliptiGO Community

This month, we are excited to share the story of Patricia Klein, the leader and creator of the private ElliptiGO Facebook group. This Facebook group was designed so that individuals could share information about their ElliptiGOs, post about their rides, and connect with other riders. Since the group’s creation in 2011, over 3,500 individuals have joined to share their ElliptiGO adventures, consult with each other on questions and foster friendships and community. 

Patricia Klein was an avid runner from the ages of 18 to 47, until she suffered from a herniated disc at L4-L5. Before her diagnosis, Patricia was popping 12 Advil each day trying to dull the back pain she was feeling. Doctors told her that she needed to stop running and Patricia became fearful that she would never walk again if she didn’t stop hitting the pavement. 

She joined what she calls “the dreaded gym” and used the elliptical machine in place of running until 2011, when she discovered the ElliptiGO through an article in the Orange County Register. After reading the article, she jumped on the phone that day to look for one.  

Patricia drove down to the ElliptiGO offices in Solana Beach, California and test rode the 8C Model with Keri. That same day, she purchased a green 8C. Patricia said, “It was love at first ride.” From that day on, other bikes, elliptical machines, and the gym were all in Patricia’s rear view mirror. She currently rides three longer rides per week (20-30 miles) on one of her three 11Rs or red SUB.  

The ElliptiGO has gifted Patricia the ability to have fun while doing an exercise similar to running, fuel her love of being outside and moving her body, and do something other than walking. Patricia has shared her love of ElliptiGO via Facebook since 2011, only 5 weeks after purchasing her first ElliptiGO. 

As a self-titled “car girl” (Patricia own four cars, two of them sports cars), Patricia has always been on car forums and enjoyed connecting with others who share common interests. She decided to start a Facebook group to meet other ElliptiGO riders and stay connected with them while she embarked on her own riding journey.

The Facebook group was originally created with a purpose for ElliptiGO owners to connect. However, now that ElliptiGO has gained more popularity, visibility and sparked interest, Patricia welcomes those considering purchasing their first bike to the group. The group is friendly, resourceful, and has some wildly enthusiastic members who love sharing their rides and their joy of using the ElliptiGO. The Global ElliptiGo Riders Club (GERC) has changed the group by making it more cohesive and also sharing experiences and advice with page members.  

Patricia’s goals are to continue to grow the Facebook page and for “Members have a place to go to learn about ElliptiGOs from owners, and to share their ElliptiGO experiences, in a safe place. I want them to get encouragement. It’s exactly that. I’m very happy with how it has turned out. It’s got momentum now.” 

The ElliptiGO community has kept Patricia riding when she normally wouldn’t. Plus, Patricia loves seeing photos from others – from where they ride, to how they feel, to what model of ElliptiGO they favor.  

Patricia says, “My ElliptiGO experience is mostly about the joy I feel when I ride alone. I’m not crazy about riding in groups, but I love that I can learn about other people’s experiences. It’s exciting to share this common interest. I also get a kick out of talking about the ElliptiGOs when ever I stop on a ride. That’s a big part of the ElliptiGO experience.  It’s fun to have someone interested in what you love.”

Our entire team thanks Patricia for sharing her story and passion for the ElliptiGO.

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