ElliptiGO Bike Mt. Evans Hill Climb

With a finish 14,130 feet above sea level, the Mt. Evans Hill Climb is billed as the highest cycling event in the world and known as one of the toughest. The 27-mile course includes almost seven thousand feet of total climbing with an impressive net gain of 6,575′ from start to finish. It’s a grueling event, with more than half of the ride taking place above 10,000 feet. Because it is such a difficult climb, the Mt. Evans Hill Climb serves as the Colorado State Bicycle Climbing Championship and draws a large number of professional and ranked cyclists. For the Bob Cook Memorial event, Brent and Zack decided to take on the challenge and establish the record for climbing Mt. Evans on an ElliptiGO bike.

Although both Brent and Zack left coastal California less than 24-hours before the event and therefore had almost no time to acclimate to the extreme elevation, they both performed great during the ride. Zack set the elliptical cycling record for the Mt. Evans Hill Climb in a time of 3:25:37 with Brent finishing about six minutes later. The ElliptiGOs performed flawlessly and both riders finished ahead of many of the cyclists who participated in the race. It was another great day for ElliptiGO.

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