ElliptiGO Bikes And Sexual Health? A Match Made In Heaven!

You may already know that ElliptiGO bikes can improve your cardiovascular health and your muscle strength, but did you know they can also improve your love life? It’s time we had a talk about the birds, the bees, and the bikes.

Dr. Irwin Goldstein is a world-renowned expert in the field of sexual medicine. He’s the editor in chief of the Journal of Sexual Medicine, the founder and medical director of San Diego Sexual Medicine, and an avid rider of ElliptiGO bikes. We sat down to chat with Dr. G about how bike seats could be killing the mood for many riders–both male and female–, and why ElliptiGO bikes are the best way to ride outside without jeopardizing your sexual health.

Have the kiddos leave the room and see why stand up cycling is simply the sexiest way to exercise.

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