ElliptiGO in Randonneurs USA Magazine

Last month, we dared you to consider adding a century or metric century ride to your ElliptiGO to-do list. This month, we have a new challenge to share with you thanks to a cool article written by a beloved member of our community!

Didi Hendricks Schenck penned a piece titled, “Rando? How about RanGO?” for Randonneurs USA Magazine. You can check out the article below, but, before you do, we figured you might be asking yourself: what is a Randonnuer? Here’s the scoop before you dive into Didi’s write-up.

According to Randonneurs USA (RUSA), Randonneur comes from the French term “randonnée” which loosely translates to “a long trip, tour, outing, or ramble, usually on foot or on a bicycle, along a defined route.” This type of riding, while testing the individual rider, is not meant for competition. Instead, it’s all about camaraderie. To be called a randonneur, a rider must complete a 200-kilometer ride called a “brevet.” Brevets have a specific time limit and can be anywhere from 200 to 1200 kilometers in length.

We invite you to check out Didi’s article below and consider joining this growing list of ElliptiGO riders who can also call themselves randonneurs! For more on Randonneurs USA, which offers a membership for only $30/year, click here.


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