ElliptiGO Rides the Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic

Erin and Bryce Whiting, Bryan Pate and Brent Teal rode alongside 10,000 other cyclists in the two-day 202.5-mile Group Health Seattle to Portland (STP) Bicycle Classic. The STP is a fantastic annual event and marked ElliptiGO’s inaugural appearance in the Pacific Northwest region.

202.5 Miles and 1,951 Feet of Climbing

Bryan, Bryce and Erin completed the ride over the traditional two days, while Brent set a new distance record by completing the entire 202.5-mile course in a single day. It took Brent just 13 hours and 20 minutes to cover the route from Seattle to Portland, putting him in the middle of the small proportion of cyclists that attempt this feat each year.

While Brent was having beers in Portland, Bryce, Erin and Bryan were getting mentally prepared for the second half of their journey. One of the great things about the low-impact nature of the ElliptiGO is that it minimizes recovery time. As a result Bryan, Bryce and Erin, felt surprisingly fresh during their second 100-mile leg on day 2 of the ride. This was in stark contrast to many of the cyclists who appeared to have a lot of soreness in their butts and backs caused by the bicycle seat and hunched-over riding position. Overall, it was a fantastic event, very well organized and drew a really fun group of cyclists.

We’ll look forward to doing it again next year.

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