Epic Rides

Why Do We Take On Grueling Cycling Events?

We ride ElliptiGOs in the toughest cycling events we can find because we’re endurance athletes who thrive on pushing ourselves to the limit. Our mission was to replicate the running experience, and part of our common running experience is competition and pushing ourselves to accomplish things we never thought we could. Whether it’s qualifying for the Boston Marathon, completing an Ironman triathlon, or finishing a 100-mile ultramarathon, the feeling of accomplishment that comes with completing something that once seemed impossible is like no other.

We achieve that same feeling of accomplishment by establishing new records on the ElliptiGO, such as riding 234 miles in one day, completing the Death Ride within the cutoff time, and climbing Mt. Washington. These were all challenges that at one time seemed impossible. We will continue to set goals that appear out of reach and then work to achieve them, and we hope our customers will too. Whether it’s riding across the country or doing even more extreme climbs, we think pushing the limits is important for finding ways to improve the ElliptiGO and for establishing the legitimacy of the elliptical cycling industry.

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