February 2015 Rider of the Month

Simon GutierrezFebruary 2015 Rider of the Month, Simon Gutierrez

This month, we are proud to honor Simon Gutierrez as our February Rider of the Month! Simon was 2nd overall and the top Age-Graded performer (AG% 87.22) at the USATF XC Champs last month. This is no small feat, and are so proud of his accomplishments. We have been lucky to be a part of Simon’s life after he suffered knee injuries that affected his running (Medial Meniscus tear in knee followed by necrosis in the femur due to faulty surgery), and the ElliptiGO Project has helped him get back to his top running shape. “Train, don’t strain” is a perfect quote to embody Simon’s efforts. Congratulations, Simon! Don’t stop GOing, and keep up the amazing work!

Quick Facts About Simon & His Accomplishments
1. What kind of preparation did you do for the Championships, or how did your regular training help prepare you to handle the competition?
My training went well for USATF XC Championships… I got a later start in the beginning of January, but completed 1-2 quality workouts a week for about 6 weeks, and did about 80 miles total a week. I could only cross train a few times with my ElliptiGO because we had a lot of snow.

2. We know you’ve had some troubles with knee injuries. How are you doing today, and did it they affect your ability to run in the USATF XC Champs?
My knee has been fine. I try to be careful with my training, because once you get a meniscus injury it changes the dynamics of the knee.

3. What would be your advice to other ElliptiGOers who are looking to enter and train for races?
Well, I think using the ElliptiGO is the best cross training activity one can do as a runner. Physiologically is one thing, but the mental aspect of being outdoors is incredible. Other than that, it’s trial and error, depending on what events one is training for…

4. Along the same lines, do you have any tips for injured runners who want to get back on their game?
I work with a lot of injured athletes, and my biggest advice is “patience”… Make sure you rehabilitate properly, and don’t just jump back to running ASAP… We can afford time off, seasons off. Value your health, when you’re healed and able to run again, it is well worth the time invested.

5. What are your ElliptiGO-related goals for the next year?
My biggest ElliptiGO goal is to continue to share and value my relationship with ElliptiGO… I can’t wait for the ElliptiGO World Championships weekend… It’s one of my favorite weekends every year

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