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Welcome to the ElliptiGO family! Below are a few of the ways you can connect with other ElliptiGO owners, both online and in person, to share stories, successes, adventures, training tips and more!

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You can also join the private Facebook group, an online community formed and run by ElliptiGO owners, for ElliptiGO owners. Simply search for “ElliptiGO” on Facebook and ask to join!

Ride with us on Strava

Join the ElliptiGO Group on Strava to share your rides with other ElliptiGO owners and find new routes near you, no matter where in the world you ride.

Join the Global ElliptiGO Riders Club

Launched in 2016 by some of our earliest and most enthusiastic owners, the Club was formed to expand the offerings ElliptiGO owners seek most – more ElliptiGO-specific events, more group ride opportunities, more rider programs and more discount opportunities. JOIN TODAY!

See you on the road!

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