GO Together on Strava!

“If it’s not on Strava, it didn’t happen.” This is a phrase you might have heard from your active friends. Strava is one of the main ways that more than 1,500 ElliptiGO riders from all around the world connect with one another and take part in our engaging community! This platform was built by active people for active people, and it has tons of tools to help you reach your goals. 

We wanted to provide a go-to spot for information about Strava – whether you’re a current user or are new to the platform. Feel free to reference this article anytime or share it with someone who could benefit from the 411 on one of the top social fitness apps in the world!

How you can use Strava

Strava, in a nutshell, is a social network for active people. Strava is mainly meant to be used on smartphones via an app, but can also be accessed on a web browser on your computer. You can seamlessly sync your favorite fitness watch or use the app itself to track fitness activity. These tracked workouts appear in a feed alongside your friend’s activities too, where you can interact and engage just like on other social media platforms.

Want to start using Strava? First, sign up for an account

Then, download the app on your iOS or Android phone. You can also link your favorite fitness tracker or watch to upload activities.

Next, it’s time to get moving! If you’ve chosen to use your watch or fitness wearable, you can simply start a workout there. If you will be tracking with Strava, open the app and tap the red circle icon near the bottom of the screen. You can also add activities manually if you prefer by tapping the + icon. 

Finally, start finding your friends and athletes you admire – and follow them!  You can search for friends. You can also connect your email or Facebook accounts to see who you already know on the app! When you start seeing their activities in the feed, be sure to cheer them on by leaving a comment or ‘kudos’.

How to connect with more than 1,500 ElliptiGO riders around the world

Now that you’re on Strava, it’s time to check out the ElliptiGO community there. Whether you ride with us yet or not, you’ll be totally blown away by the amazing camaraderie happening in the official ElliptiGO Strava Club. There, you can view rides that others are completing, see leaderboards and participate in challenges. This group is particularly inspiring during the Global ElliptGO Riders Club’s GOGO Challenge, where members log serious mileage and elevation to earn points individually and as teams. 

Help us add “Stand Up Bike” as an Activity Type on Strava

You might have noticed that the best option for ElliptiGO riders to track their activity is by selecting Ride or traditional cycling. It is true – ElliptiGO bikes are bikes…but they are so much more than that and offer a completely unique experience. Members of our community have come together recently to ask Strava to add a special category to their activities list just for stand up and elliptical bikes. 

We’ve been asked over the years if we are in support of this. We’re all for it, but we know that efforts like this are best led by passionate people like our customers. Their love for our products and the sport of stand up cycling will speak in much greater volumes. If you would be so inclined to lend your voice to this effort and ask that Strava add a “stand up bike” subcategory under Ride, you can do so by reaching out to Strava support.

Will stand up cycling be recognized more formally by Strava soon? We hope so. In the meantime, keep using this incredible tool to share your rides and celebrate every mile!

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