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  • Wall Street Journal logo
    Wall Street Journal logo

    3,000 Mile Ride on the ‘Elliptigo’ Watch as a 71-year-old former Marine attempts to cross the country riding a hybrid elliptical trainer-bicycle. Off Duty catches up…

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  • Runners World
    Runners World

    How Meb Keflezighi Trained to Win the Boston Marathon Meb Keflezighi is an excellent example of the modern professional marathoner.

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  • Outside Magazine
    Outside Magazine

    ElliptiGO: Meb’s No-Impact Workout Weapon “You are guaranteed to have fun on board.”

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  • Huffington press
    Huffington press

    We Tried It: ElliptiGO Sarah Klein tried out the ElliptiGO for Huffington Post’s ‘We Tried It’ series. Read on for her experience on the…

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  • Fitness Magazine
    Fitness Magazine

    Survival of the Fit Test: The ElliptiGO "A refreshing change from my usual gym workout”

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  • Shape Magazine Review
    Shape Magazine Review

    We Tried It! Take a Ride on a New Kind of Bike “Get the calorie-burning benefits of hoofing it without using a 'dreadmill'!”

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  • LA times
    LA times

    Fitness Gear To Get You Outdoors — And Moving ElliptiGO’s new bike has no place to sit — and that’s the point.

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  • Good Morning San Diego
    Good Morning San Diego

    High Tech Fitness Machines With Mr. Bicep The Muscleman of Technology Bruce Pechman appeared live on the Good Morning San Diego Show with Chief Enthusiast Bryce Whiting…

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  • Shape Magazine
    Shape Magazine

    The Awesome Outdoor Workout You’ll Get on an Elliptical Bike Shape magazine breaks down how ElliptiGO bikes work and perform, as well as some of the major endurance events being…

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  • New York Magazine
    New York Magazine

    How an American Ninja Warrior Does Wellness Jesse Graff explains "How I like to sweat" "I love running, but so many of the skills that I work…

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  • Outside Magazine
    Outside Magazine

    What’s Dean Karnazes’ Favorite Gear? Dean Karnazes, reknowned for his ultra-endurance feats, lists ElliptiGO as one of his favorite pieces of gear.

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  • CNN

    Olympic Athletes Using High-Tech Gear The 2012 Olympics are just weeks away.

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  • Men's Fitness
    Men's Fitness

    Burn Fat Fast With Low-Impact, High-Intensity Interval Training On the ElliptiGO Olympian and World Champion Penathlete, Michael Gostigian combined HIIT training with his ElliptiGO bike to return to peak fitness.

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  • CNBC

    ElliptiGO: World’s first outdoor elliptical bicycle CNBC Business News’ Diana Olick rides an ElliptiGO and talks about its growth, its traction and how it’s disrupting the…

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  • ABC News Press Article
    ABC News Press Article

    Running Advice from a Marathon Champion ABC's Tina Trinh gets running tips from a Boston Marathon champion and ElliptiGO user, Meb Keflezighi.

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  • Run Gum Podcast
    Run Gum Podcast

    Creating Something That’s Never Been Done Olympian and Run Gum CEO Nick Symmonds and Run Gum Marketing Manager Camala Lapray chatted with ElliptiGO CEO Bryan Pate…

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  • Women's Running
    Women's Running

    Sara Vaughn Knows Running, Pregnancy, And Comebacks In this article from Women’s Running, elite runner Sara Vaughn offers her insight on athleticism and being a mom of…

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  • Bicycling

    Take Your Low-impact Workout Outside With An Elliptical Bike Bicycling Magazine says, “Get out of the gym and cruise the streets on an elliptical—really.

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  • Entrepreneur Magazine
    Entrepreneur Magazine

    On Your Left! Watch out, bikers and bladers. The elliptical trainer has zipped out of the gym and onto the streets.

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