Which Indoor Trainer Is Best For You?

Winter is here, but that doesn’t mean the riding has to stop! Take advantage of a stationary trainer to continue riding your ElliptiGO long stride bike (3C, 8C, 11R) indoors. The stationary trainer kit consists of a stationary trainer, a small wheel adapter to accommodate the 20-inch tire of ElliptiGO bikes, and a riser ring for the front tire.

ElliptiGO Indoor Trainer

ElliptiGO offers two stationary trainers for optimal indoor training: the Kinetic Rock and Roll Smart Trainer and the Kinetic Road Machine.

Kinetic Rock and Roll Smart TrainerThe Kinetic Rock and Roll Smart Trainer is the more robust model of the two, offering a real-road feel due to the rocking pivot in the frame. This allows the natural movement of the ElliptiGO bike to be mimicked when riding the trainer. Furthermore, the Rock and Roll Smart Trainer works the same core and upper arm muscles you use when riding outdoors.

Kinetic Road MachineThe Kinetic Road Machine provides the same resistance at the Kinetic Rock and Roll Smart Trainer, but does not have the rocking pivot action and therefore does not mimic a real-road feel. Don’t worry though – you can still get a great workout on this trainer.

Another important distinction is size. The Kinetic Rock and Roll Smart Trainer is bigger and heavier, and will take up more space. Wherever you set this trainer up, it tends to stay there throughout the indoor riding season, while the Kinetic Road Machine is more portable.

ElliptiGO Service Manager Keri Cleeremans says, “I recommend the Kinetic Rock and Roll Smart Trainer for someone who is going to be working out indoors continuously, several days a week, up to an hour a day. The Kinetic Rock and Roll Smart Trainer will have a great impact on training results. The Kinetic Road Machine will still give a good workout for someone who might not be riding as much indoors.”

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask in the comments below. Happy riding!


Posted November 23, 2017 by Tennille in 11R, 3C, 8C, Pointers & Tips, updates