January 2014 Rider of the Month

Meet January’s Rider of the Month, Jane LeGoreJane LeGore descending Palomar

Jane LeGore was named the January 2014 ElliptiGO Rider of the Month for her efforts in organizing the first ElliptiGO Winter Classic in January in Phoenix, Arizona. It was the culmination of an idea a year in the making and the event brought dozens of ElliptiGO riders together for a fun weekend of riding and socializing. Thank you for all your enthusiasm and support, Jane! We wish you the best of luck and look forward to seeing you at more events this year.

Q & A with Jane

1. How long have you been riding your ElliptiGO and what model do you ride?
January 2014 was my one year anniversary for riding an ElliptiGO. I have an 11R.

2. What inspired you to purchase your ElliptiGO?
The first time I saw an ElliptiGO was in September 2012 in San Diego on Coronado Island. I went back to our hotel to Google “ElliptiGO” and read every word & watched every video on the website. I’d just undergone total hip replacement surgery a few months earlier & was encouraged to limit myself to non-impact exercise activities. All my ears heard was “don’t run” or do any of the things I enjoyed doing. Discovering the ElliptiGO that day restored a feeling of hope & excitement and I knew I had to have one!!

3. What are your favorite events you’ve done on the ElliptiGO?

  • My Century Ride at the Phoenix Tour de Cure in March 2013 (10 weeks after receiving my ElliptiGO & 9 months after my hip replacement). It took so much focused training & so many people were supporting me, including my orthopedic surgeon, that I didn’t have time to doubt myself. I achieved my first big goal of making the ElliptiGO Century Club (#73) ~ WooHoo 🙂
  • LA River Ride in June 2013 because it was my first “ElliptiGO Road Trip” with my husband Jeff & my riding partner John riding ElliptiGO’s with me (yes, they bought one too) & seeing 3 additional ElliptiGO riders at the event!
  • The ElliptiGO NE Summer Classic in Boston, MA in August 2013 ~ a “Huge Road Trip” with my riding partner John to participate in an “ElliptiGO only event.” I got to meet several other GO riders & met Bryan Pate for the first time too! It was my first experience participating in a “time trial” & my first “rally ride” with other ElliptiGO riders.
  • The ElliptiGO 4th Annual World Championships in October 2013 ~ I never dreamed I’d be able to participate in something so amazing & physically challenging at age 51 & after a total hip replacement!! Witnessing the incredible talent of the elite athletes on ElliptiGO’s was truly captivating & inspiring! Participating in another time trial & huge rally ride were so much fun and partying at ElliptiGO headquarters was a real treat too!
  • The ElliptiGO Winter Classic in Phoenix, AZ in January 2014 because it was an idea & vision that came together exactly one year after receiving my ElliptiGO. It was a fun weekend of riding a variety of courses & a complete joy to spend time with so many ElliptiGO riders I had come to know within the year at other events & on Facebook; in addition to meeting several local GO riders.

4. What’s your most memorable experience related to the ElliptiGO?
I’ve had so many memorable experiences, but one in particular stands out…There was a moment during the rally ride on the morning of the 2nd day at the NE Summer Classic in Boston when we were rounding Cohasset Harbor on ElliptiGO’s that was very memorable. Up until that point I was just riding along & trying to stay toward the front of the pack. As we rounded the harbor, I looked back to see a long string of ElliptiGO riders with the water, harbor, boats & gorgeous homes along the coast in the background. It was an emotional moment I’ll never forget because I realized how far I’d come physically & emotionally since purchasing my ElliptiGO & all the joy it had brought me. I remember saying to myself, “Don’t miss this moment & imagine all of the possibilities that are yet to come!”

5. What are your ElliptiGO-related goals for the next year?
To explore more & find rides that go over bridges…”Bike the Bay” across Coronado Bridge in San Diego in August is definitely on my calendar; Take 30 minutes off my time from last year climbing up Palomar Mountain at World Championships in October; To help organize some group training rides & activities for the local ElliptiGO community in AZ; To incorporate my ElliptiGO training along with my dance, weight training & nutrition background to create a personal wellness program that includes riding, yoga, strength training & a healthy nutrition plan to see how fit I can become at age 51; Most of all, I plan to have lots of fun, connect with more GO riders & “Ride Happy!!!”

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