June 2019 Rider Of The Month Dave Griffith

Dave Griffith is a steadfast member of our community. He’s constantly sharing his ElliptiGO adventures in the private Facebook Group run by our customers (you can join it here!) He’s also a regular at our ElliptiGO Rally Weekend and World Championship events, as well as a competitor in the Global ElliptiGO Riders Club’s GOGO Challenge. The motivating spirit that Dave shares with our community is something that carried him through his own journey back to health and beyond. We’re glad to share his story with you today, and honor him as our June 2019 Rider Of The Month.

Dave realized that he needed to make a change even before ElliptiGO bikes had been created.

“Back in 2007, I weighed 235 lbs, was pre-diabetic, had low testosterone and high blood pressure. I was in bad shape,” Dave shared. He tried a variety of cardio machines and even a recumbent bike. In the next few years, he had lost the extra weight and was making progress.

That’s when, in early 2010, Dave was watching his local news channel and saw an ElliptiGO bike. “As soon as I saw it, I had to have one. I owned a stationary elliptical, but this looked so much more fun!”

To say that ElliptiGO bikes have helped Dave continue down the road of health and wellness would be an understatement. Since joining our community of riders, Dave has unlocked the athlete within and the health benefits have kept coming.

Over the last nine years, Dave has ridden almost 20,000 miles on his 8S, Arc 8 and MSUB. He has taken on two century rides, and competed at the ElliptiGO World Championship five times — that’s an 11.69 miles journey up Mt. Palomar for a total climb of 4,209 feet! His blood pressure, blood sugar, and testosterone are all at healthy levels to boot.

What’s Dave ElliptiGO Routine? Dave said, “On Saturdays, I do 25-35 miles with 1000′-2500′ climbing. On weekdays at my shop, I do 5 to 10 miles before breakfast 2 to 3 times per week.”

Dave shared that the community has been such a positive part of owning an ElliptiGO bike. “My wife and I love going to the events, we have a boatload of new friends and really enjoy sharing our experiences,” he said.

Part of that community involvement can be seen in the points Dave is racking up during the 2019 GOGO Challenge. This is a favorite annual event for ElliptiGO riders who are members of the GERC, with different challenges each month that help stand up cyclists ramp up their riding and mix up their routine. Dave has already ridden 718.67 mi and climbed 24,485.89 ft during this year’s event.

He says that the unique opportunities for GOGO points help him get out there: “Every Day In May is very motivating. After 20 days, my body says no, but my brain says get off your ass and do your ride.” Dave’s Every Day In May team, the GObros, completed the month in full!

Dave, keep up the great work as you continue to challenge yourself, reach your goals and serve as a positive light in our community of riders.

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