Let’s GO for Big Goals in 2022

The past year has presented so many new challenges and opportunities! Although we continue to ride out the pandemic, we’re doing it together and with hope for a healthy 2022. We want to invite you, our community of riders, to GO big in the year ahead. Do you have a goal you’ll be working toward? We want to help keep you accountable with two special incentives. 

Share the achievements you’re dreaming of with us here and you’ll be entered to win an ElliptiGO prize pack valued at over $200. Plus, you’ll receive email check-ins from us and other pop-up prizes throughout 2022. We can’t wait to see what you’re planning and keep you motivated as you GO after them!

On our Instagram page and our customer-run Facebook Group, we found out that you share some of the same types of aspirations for 2022. We found out that you have set goals for yourself related to running and overall wellness – which we know our bikes are a great tool for!

We also saw that many of you have aims related to weight loss. Thousands of people have utilized ElliptiGO bikes to become leaner and stronger, like Curt who told us, “This bike is worth its weight in gold! If you’re thinking about buying one-stop thinking and do it! I dropped 25 pounds in 6 weeks.”

Of course, ElliptiGO-specific goals were aplenty when we chatted with our customers. Thomas shared that he hopes to GO 200 miles in one ride. Tanya wants to compete in an organized ride. Bernadette wants to participate in some riding clubs near her!

We can’t wait to see you reach them…and to hear all about them!

So, fill out that form right now and tell us what you’ve got planned for 2022 to be entered to win.

Part of helping you reach your goals means setting our own! The entire ElliptiGO team here at HQ wanted to share what we’ll be working towards after the ball drops in just a few days. Here’s what we’ve got on deck:


  • Participate in the GERC challenges throughout March-October
  • Spend more time playing with her dogs


  • Complete an ElliptiGO Century in under 7 hours
  • Re-qualify for the Boston Marathon


  • Train and qualify for a marathon 
  • Complete 10,000 steps a day 
  • Ride her ElliptiGO bike 15-20 miles a week


  • Run the Chicago Marathon in sub 3:30
  • Climb Palomar in sub 1:30 at 2022 World Champs
  • Weigh sub 170 lbs by the end of 2022


  • Complete 10,000 steps a day
  • Take 30 minutes for self-care every day


  • Finish the Chicago Marathon
  • Go to yoga once a week 
  • Make time once a week for self-reflection/journaling


  • Stay healthy through training for a 7-day hiking trip in the fall
  • Work towards meeting a variety of fitness benchmarks before turning 50 on January 4, 2023


  • Complete a long list of bike races including Triple Bypass, 719, Pikes Peak
  • Complete a full 12 months of 400+ miles per month
  • Reach an FTP over 300

Feeling inspired? That’s what we like to hear. We hope you’ll join us in cheering for one another as we work toward achieving these and more in the New Year! Happy holidays and hello 2022 from all of us at ElliptiGO HQ!


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