A Letter to Idai Makaya from the Global ElliptiGO Riders Club

Earlier this year, ElliptiGO expert and enthusiast Idai Makaya invited you to participate in the Longest Ride Challenge. As Idai makes his final preparations for his 2,700 kilometer (1,700 mile) round trip journey between John o’Groats and Land’s End using his ElliptiGO bike, Jane LeGore and Jim Cremer have penned a letter to Idai on behalf of the Global ElliptiGO Riders Club and ElliptiGO enthusiasts around the world. This is their message:

Idai Makaya at John O'Groats

Idai Makaya at John O’Groats

Idai Makaya is on another awesome mission.  He’s already completed more than 60 century rides on an ElliptiGO. He’s also completed some of the most difficult ultra-long-distance cycling challenges in the world, the 1400 km London-Edinburgh-London (2013), and 1200 km Paris-Brest-Paris (2015).  

Starting June 24, Idai tackles his biggest challenge: the 1700-mile “Double End-to-End” from Land’s End, England, to John O’Groats, Scotland – and back.  Most cyclists aim to complete the single End-to-End ride in 10-14 days; Idai’s goal is to cover double the distance in 11 or 12 days, achieving a Guinness World Record for doing so.

Idai has invited ElliptiGO riders and other cyclists to join him in what he calls the “Longest Ride Challenge.” Some riders will join Idai for all or part of the Double End-to-End. Others will join in spirit, completing their own longest-ever ride some time this year.  Sign-up details and a list of current participants can be found here. ElliptiGO riders and fans who happen to be along the route are also invited to join by riding or simply cheering him on. Check out the schedule with the cumulative distances, maps and dates here.

Idai’s Longest Ride is a deeply personal undertaking in honor of his late brother, Garai, who died in 2017 in a skydiving accident. He was a keen skydiver who used his skydiving activities to assist charitable causes in Botswana.  Idai plans to make a documentary about Garai and the skydiving community which he founded in Botswana – and to use the proceeds of this documentary film to support his charitable causes.

Good luck Idai and all Longest Ride participants!

Jane LeGore and Jim Cremer

Global ElliptiGO Riders Club

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