Lyn Huston Kicks Obesity to the Curb

Lyn Huston continues to inspire with her amazing story of reclaiming her health. Once 247 pounds, Lyn now weighs a svelte 158, thanks to riding her ElliptiGO bike. The Nevada native has embarked on what she calls her “GOstreak,” where she rides her 8C daily without missing a day.

Lyn first shared her story with ElliptiGO last February and has been documenting her life with ElliptiGO on her Instagram page. Her New Year’s Eve message is a powerful one for all who are looking to make a positive change in their life:

New Year’s Eve is a great time for reflection as well as goal-setting. 2017 has been such a life-changing year for me! I rode my ElliptiGO past 365 consecutive days to Day 427; 6,227 miles in 2017, just under 8,100 miles in the GOstreak. I (finally) found a way of eating I can live with and kicked obesity to the curb, and have made my way to normal BMI for the first time since 1984. Watch out 2018, because I’ve got big goals left to smash. If you had told me 18 months ago that I would be writing this as a status update today, I’d have just laughed. Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right. I think I can.

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Posted January 4, 2018 by Tennille in 8C, Rider Profiles, updates