March 2014 Rider of the Month

March 2014 Rider of the Month, Chris BransonChris Branson
Chris Branson was named the March Rider of the Month for his record-setting 55 ascents of Fargo Street in Los Angeles. Fargo Street is one of the 10 steepest streets in the US with a 33% grade. An accomplished ElliptiGO rider and athlete, Chris also holds the unofficial one-day elevation gain record (19,997 ft.) and has ridden in all four of the ElliptiGO World Championships events.

Q & A with Chris

1. How long have you been riding your ElliptiGO and what model do you ride?
I bought my Black 8S when they first started. I tow my son on an 11R and own a Pink one and another blue 8S for my friends to ride. I usually race on the 8S.

2. What inspired you to purchase your ElliptiGO?
I played football, basketball, baseball, and track growing up. Have been teaching middle school P.E. for 25 years and coach at the high school. I still love to play many sports and run; however, I was getting a lot of little leg injuries probably from doing too much. I first saw an ElliptiGO when I was riding up Mt. Soledad and Bryan and Brent passed me on ElliptiGOs. I thought that was the coolest thing I had ever seen. I talked to them the whole way up and bought one the next day without ever trying it out first. I think it is the best thing out there for maintaining great health. Even better than running.

3. What are your favorite events you’ve done on the ElliptiGO?
I love the World Championships, the Death Ride, Fargo Street, and the time trial. But I think the two best are the ElliptiGO Double in Colorado and the old tour of California Stage that finished on top of Mt. Baldy.

4. What’s your most memorable experience related to the ElliptiGO?
My most memorable ElliptiGO experience was towing my son in the trailer with the Christmas lights on, while riding around the Sierra Madre streets lit up with the holiday lights and decorations.

5. What are your ElliptiGO-related goals for the next year?
I would like to try and do Pikes Peak all the way from the bottom this summer.

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