Meet Sandi Morris, Silver Medalist and
American Pole Vault Record Holder

Sandi Morris is an elite American pole vaulter who recently started using the ElliptiGO 8C for cross-training. 

“Pole vaulting is very hard on your body, and I implement the ElliptiGO as a form of cross-training so that I can keep GOing, even when my joints need a break from the explosive movements of vaulting. Oh, and it’s super fun!” – Sandi Morris

Here are some of Sandi’s impressive honors: 

  • Outdoor American Record Holder (5.00 Meters)
  • 2X Indoor World Champion (2018 & 2022)
  • Olympic Silver Medalist (2016)
  • One of only 4 women in history to ever Pole Vault over 5 Meters
  • 7X US National Champion
  • 7X Global Championship Medalist
  • Diamond League Final Champion (2016)
  • NCAA Champion (2015)

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3 Responses

  1. Steve Hill says:

    Hi Sandi, I live in the Pacific Northwest so I have to go out in the rain, and I feel just as safe as on a dry summer day.Riding in the rain can be fun too.

  2. JB Brown says:


    If you ever vault at Virginia Tech again I can loan you an Elliptigo for outside riding (might be bit cold for a Arizona girl) or an Elliptigo on a trainer. Glad to see you are a girl on the GO!

    JB Brown

  3. Benee K says:

    Is Sandi Morris related to Pole Vaulter Ron Morris?

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