Pedaling Toward a Cure:
ElliptiGO’s Bikes Power Cancer Research

We’re constantly inspired by our customers. Many of you have shared stories of how cancer has impacted your life, whether you’ve battled the disease yourself or supported a family member or friend as they’ve faced cancer. Current president of the Global ElliptiGO Riders Club (GERC) Frank Blaisdell is a two-time cancer survivor and an advocate for early detection. Lucia Hagy’s annual mammogram revealed she had breast cancer and she bravely battled it—and won. Childhood cancer survivor Dan Kosick is a US Paralympic skier, a Tough Mudder ambassador and a role model. Breast cancer survivor Anissa Andres motto is: “The race is never over … It has just begun!” Kaye Lengerich lost both her parents to cancer; then she survived bladder cancer herself. Benton Runquist didn’t let his chronic lymphocytic leukemia diagnosis slow him down; he committed fully to his health and to ElliptiGO riding. Ron Richardson rode 30 days in a row for a total of 584 miles beginning just three weeks after completing chemotherapy for leukemia.

Ron is one of many ElliptiGO riders who shared that getting up and GOing helped them feel better as they recovered from cancer treatments. Daniella Gonsalves Shapiro, an ElliptiGO rider and oncologist from Vero Beach, Florida, notes, “Patients who exercise have a better chance of beating cancer.” Regular exercise is also a key factor in cancer prevention. Daniella adds, “I love ElliptiGO. It is the best form of exercise because it’s low impact and gets people outside.”

We’ve shared a few of our ElliptiGOers’ cancer survivor stories, but by no means is this an exhaustive list. We know that so many more members of our ElliptiGO family, including ElliptiGO enthusiasts Rick Gonzalez in Austin and Dr. Rob Conenello in New York, are among the 18 million cancer survivors in the United States. June is National Cancer Survivor Month, and we salute you. If you’re a survivor, please comment on this article and share your story! 

We also acknowledge that not all who battle cancer win. Too many people still  succumb to this devastating disease. The memories of the ElliptiGO family members we’ve lost live on, reminding us of the urgent need to continue fighting for advancements in cancer research. And so, in 2022, ElliptiGO partnered with Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C), a nonprofit organization that actively supports collaborative efforts among top-tier researchers to expedite breakthroughs in cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment. SU2C’s work is instrumental in accelerating the pace of new discoveries; they’re helping to save lives every day.

To celebrate this partnership, we held a Virtual Stand Up and Ride fundraiser in September 2022, with all donations going to SU2C. We also created limited-edition SU2C-branded ElliptiGO 11R and RSUB bikes. These striking black bikes adorned with red, yellow and orange accents make a visual statement, and they also make a meaningful impact. ElliptiGO donates 20% of the purchase price from each of these bikes to SU2C, ensuring that every purchase helps fight cancer. To date, we’re proud to share that we’ve donated more than $35,000 to SU2C.The SU2C-branded bikes have been very popular, and only a very few are still available for purchase. You can buy one of the last remaining SU2C bikes now, before they’re sold out. Stand up with us in support of finding a cure for cancer.

Thank you to our ElliptiGO family for inspiring our partnership with SU2C. We honor the memory of those we’ve lost to cancer. We salute the survivors. We thank the caregivers. And we cheer on the scientists who are working toward a cure. We’re proud to support SU2C’s commitment to saving lives. Together, we look forward to a future that is free from cancer.


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  1. Dan says:

    I am so honored and proud to ride my SU2C 11R ElliptiGO as an ElliptiGO enthusiast and a survivor! Being a very active amputee (cancer took my leg at age 15) the ElliptiGO has been amazing! The impact of running with a prosthesis is very strenuous on my back. The ElliptiGO allows me to keep working all those areas I need for running without the painful impact on my back. As a result, I can continue to live life without limitations as an amputee. Thank you ElliptiGO!

  2. Benton Runquist says:

    As Sir Elton John likes to pronounce: ‘I’m Still Standing’…and I / we take that to heart and try to exemplify that every day…..great article….thanks for posting!!!

  3. Cindy Geyer says:

    These stories brought tears to my eyes for being a survivor of 7 years of breast cancer. It’s always an ugly lingering feeling of it returning, but by keeping fit both physically and mentally, I feel that’s the best healing process. Since I can’t run anymore due to hip replacement, the elliptigo is definitely my therapy. I can’t say enough from the friends I’ve met along the way, the inspiring stories you have shared, to the places I’ve been on my Go’s! Everyday is a Blessing!

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