Kinetic Rock and Roll SMART 2 Trainer Kit

Kinetic Rock and Roll SMART 2 Trainer Kit


No matter the weather, get your ElliptiGO ride in with an indoor trainer! The Rock and Roll Smart 2 combines the world’s only free-moving fluid trainer with intuitive app-based power training. No other trainer delivers a more realistic experience.


More Specifications

The pre-installed inRide 3 power sensor technology allows riders to connect with a world of training possibilities with apps like Kinetic Fit, Zwift, and more on connected smart phones, tablets and laptops.

  • Compatible with long-stride models only
  • Includes the Kinetic Turntable Riser Ring
  • Includes Kinetic Small Wheel Adapter
  • Fluid resistance adjusts with wheel speed and is not app-controlled
  • Video: Rock and Roll Trainer Assembly