Ride Together, Rise Together Winners Announced!

We want to send a heartfelt thank you to all the entrants in our Ride Together, Rise Together contest and to our amazing community of riders and advocates. There were close to seven hundred submissions made and over four thousand votes cast from across the nation! The entries with the top two total votes won. A third entry was selected based on their inspirational story. We had such a hard time selecting from the countless moving submissions we received. We have been so inspired by your stories of how riding together will help you reach your goals and how it will positively impact your lives.

This campaign is once again made possible by Tera Moody, a retired elite marathoner and ElliptiGO enthusiast, who donated the bikes. A sixth bike was generously donated by a fellow ElliptiGO enthusiast, Michael Knott, thereby making three winning duos possible instead of two. “I’m a huge fan of the product, the company and the community. It’s a huge blessing in my life and I’m so thankful,” said Tera. “I can’t tell you how much it means to me to be able to make the ElliptiGO dream a reality for the lucky winners.”

It takes two, and the three winning pairs have been picked. Drumroll, please… the dynamic duos who will be rising together soon are…

Jeff and Annalisa Kirk

Jeff KirkJeff – fitness enthusiast, Chattanooga (TN) – nominated his wife, Annalisa

“Due to having knee surgery I can no longer jog. I am a Police Officer in downtown Chattanooga where I ride a bike around my district all day. I would love and rather be patrolling on this ElliptiGO 8c that I have had my eye on for some time. My wife Annalisa has decided that she is in need of losing about 30 pounds, give or take. I assisted a lady changing a tire on her truck and she allowed me to borrow her ElliptiGO 8c for two days, which is when I found that I could travel the roads again almost like running as I did before. I truly hope you will consider this and also allow me to advertise your product while on duty as I am constantly asked about the bike I am riding. Thank you for your time and consideration. Officer Jeff Kirk, badge 972.”

Brianna and Patrick O’Brien

Brianna – active runner, Rhode Island – nominated her father Patrick

“I am a division one runner in college and I have recently been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease making it incredibly difficult to run. Runs have been extremely painful, and cross-training has been my source of exercise for lower impact on the days my body can handle training. My dad loves to be active too, but due to herniated discs in his back, and bone on bone arthritis in his knee, there really is not much he can do besides biking with me. My bike is rusty and over 12 years old so I would be thrilled to win one of these bikes! My Dad and I would LOVE to be able to train together on the ElliptiGO! It would offer us the perfect low impact activity, and be the most transferable training to running for me! I miss running so much and the monotony of cross training indoors can be very discouraging. An ElliptiGO bike would really help me get back to the fitness level I was once at in this picture. My Dad loves to be able to be a part of running in whatever way he can, and these bikes would give us both the opportunity to do what we love in good company!”

Jenn Krump and Krissi Amacker 

Best friends and injured runners, South Mississippi (nominated By Beth Victoriano)

“Jenn Krump is a Patrol Sergeant with Gulfport Police Department and an Ambassador for Ainsley’s Angels in South Mississippi. Krissi Amacker is a Guardian Angel for Ainsley’s Angels in South MS. Ainsley’s Angels is a national non-profit organization that pairs an abled-bodied athlete with an individual with a disability so that they may compete in endurance races and events. This organization spreads inclusion and awareness all along the coast and the United States of America. Jenn has been a first responder for nearly 20 years through serving as a firefighter, a paramedic, and now a patrol sergeant. Jenn lent her legs to riders with Ainsley’s Angels until she was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and underwent hip surgery. Even with this setback, Jenn’s mission to bring inclusion to her friends and stay active and healthy has not changed, although her means of accomplishing this goal has. Through our local running store (Run-N-Tri), Jenn was able to use an ElliptiGO one afternoon. When she took off on the ElliptiGO, her face lit up like a Christmas tree. The freedom it gave her to still be active was a true gift. After 7 months of limited participation, she was able to join the group for a fun run (training) that evening. With the ElliptiGO, Jenn would be able to resume training, as well as support the group she loves. Jenn’s best friend and training buddy, Krissi, has been a guardian angel/runner with Ainsley’s Angels for 5 years. Krissi has worked hard to be active and healthy, losing over 60 pounds so she could more effectively lend her legs to this organization. Now, she works hard to help others to be active and healthy. Due to a recent injury, Krissi has been sidelined from running with the group. That has not hampered her willingness to support her running and fitness family. She has continued to cross train, and with Jenn’s help, learned to lap swim. Together, Jenn and Krissi have made the best of a tough situation. They continue to support each other and Ainsley’s Angels. With a pair of ElliptiGOs, Jenn and Krissi could train and support inclusion on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.”

Congratulations to our winners! They will be given a warm welcome into our special family who will embrace and support every goal they set. 

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