Tire tips for training indoors

IndoorTrainer-sqWinter is coming, but our indoor stationary trainer options and Winter Workout Series will help keep your fitness going until spring! If you do ride inside, here are some helpful tips and tricks for taking care of your tires.

  • Due to the amount of friction created by rolling over the trainer’s roller, tires tend to wear faster, so we recommend you use an older tire or one without tread. The Kenda  Kwest tires are a good option and are available on our website.
  • To help prevent the tire from slipping on the roller drum, keep the tire inflated to the proper PSI or just a little under. Do not use puncture-resistant or high-mileage tires as these have a rubber compound that can wear faster and leave a rubber patch on the roller drum. Switch to a regular road tire.
  • Switch your front and rear tires to help prolong use.
  • If you switch frequently from indoor to outdoor riding, make sure to inspect your tires for excessive wear and remember to keep your tires inflated to the proper PSI.
  • Clean your tires before mounting the bike onto an indoor trainer. This will protect the roller and prevent unnecessary wear on your tire.

For more useful tips on training indoors, be sure to check out the Winter Workout Series. It will help keep you motivated and fit until you can comfortably ride outside again.

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