Winter Appreciation Month – CEO on the GO

As most of you know, ElliptiGO is headquartered in San Diego. That is where I was born, raised and have ridden the majority of the 25,000+ miles I have put in over the years on my ElliptiGOs. It’s no secret that San Diego has great weather year-round. In fact, last winter there were only 5 days with a high below 60-degrees in San Diego. Obviously, it never snows there and even on days when it rains, it’s usually possible to find a time to ride when the streets are dry and the air is clear.

So, as a result, when I’m in San Diego, I just don’t think about the implications of cold weather very often and how it affects the ElliptiGO experience. Sure, I’ll see storms and temperatures for other places on the news and I’ll talk with folks about it periodically, but it’s just hard to appreciate what it is really like living in a place with winter unless you live in a place with winter.

Luckily, I got to experience some real winter weather recently. In November, I had the good fortune of being in Asheville, North Carolina when the Arctic Freeze came through on November 12th and pushed the temps from 60-degrees to highs below freezing literally overnight. It was crazy. I pretty much haven’t been warm ever since. I also haven’t had the guts to ride once since then. That’s right, somehow my last ride was November 11th, the day before the storm hit. Since then, nada. Definitely one of the longest streaks I’ve had since 2009 without an ElliptiGO ride. All because I’m a little too chicken (and woefully unprepared) to ride in the “cold.”

The good news is, I have a lot more appreciation for how winter can throw a wrench in a training plan. I also have a ton more respect for the folks that are out there riding in the cold. That’s a gutsy move! Not riding for almost a month because of the cold is a tough way to learn about the impacts of winter, but I’m glad I have really internalized it now. Fortunately, for me the weather has finally warmed up here in Charleston, South Carolina, so my plan is to be back on my ElliptiGO at least a couple of times next week!

For you winter warriors who stay on it year after year through the cold – my hat is off to you.

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