World Champs and Rally Weekend 2021 Recap

This past weekend, we welcomed ElliptiGO riders and fans from around the country to our 12th annual Rally Weekend. This event features social gatherings, group rides, and the World Championship. From camaraderie to competition, there’s something for everyone at our yearly celebration of all things ElliptiGO. Here are just a handful of all the amazing memories we made over the weekend here in our hometown of Solana Beach!

Kings and Queens of the Mountain
Competitors once again met to climb Mt. Palomar, an 11.69-mile route that climbs 4209 feet at an average grade of 7%. In both our male and female events, outstanding athletes came out on top. This was our second year of having both Elliptical Bike and Stand up Bike divisions. Here’s who made the podium in all four categories:

Elliptical Bike Division, Male

  • Erik Wippler 1:14:04
  • Jeff Caron 1:30:38
  • Bryce Whiting 1:33:37

Elliptical Bike Division Female 

  • Kim Nedeau 1:26:17
  • Katie James 1:33:07
  • Teresa Fukumoto 1:49:40

Stand up Bike Division Male

  • Brian Kildow 1:11:56 (new World Record time)
  • Peter Maksimow 1:26:09
  • Allen Kilpatrick 1:59:53

Stand up Bike Division, Female

  • Denise Mueller 1:41:33

Congratulations to these winners and to all who took part in our 2021 event! To view the full results list, click here.

Inclusivity and History Made at World ChampsThis year, history was made as Dan Kosick became the first adaptive athlete to race up Palomar. Nicknamed “Daminal,” Dan is an above-the-knee amputee who does not let this get in the way of pushing the limit and achieving amazing athletic feats. He completed the challenging route in 1:55:05. Dan’s presence was so memorable and it was great to see him interacting with other attendees. He had everyone laughing all weekend with his great storytelling!  Learn more about Dan’s story here.

Awards and Honors
This gathering of GO lovers is a chance to honor members of our community of riders. Both incredible athleticism and enduring positivity are recognized, which is a testament to the inclusive and welcoming atmosphere that defines the ElliptiGO family. Both ElliptiGO HQ and the Global ElliptiGO Riders Club come together to award a variety of accolades. Here’s a list of the 2021 award winners:

  • The Authentic & Inspiring Award: Lewis “Lefty” Leftwich and Katie Blau
  • Five Golden Rings Award: Eric Korevaar. This new award is given in recognition of earning the gold level award in five separate GERC GOGO challenge seasons!
  • Team Challenge Overall Champions: InviGOrators
    • The InviGOrators were presented with the eagle trophy during the Rally Reception. Their team name will be added to the trophy’s plaque, and the trophy will be on display at ElliptiGO HQ.
  • Team Challenge Distance Champions: InviGOrators (5,397 miles)
  • Team Challenge Days Ridden Champions: ​​Dutch Connection (192 days)
  • Team Challenge Elevation Gain Champions: InviGOrators (360,089 feet)

Let’s Ride!
On both Saturday and Sunday, ElliptiGO riders came together for rides of various distances where no rider is left behind! Riders enjoyed beautiful views of Torrey Pines and the sand and surf along Pacific Coast Highway. Over 75 riders joined us and there was no missing the GO team on the streets of Solana Beach. The weather couldn’t have been better for riding. One ElliptiGO bike turns heads, but you simply cannot take your eyes off a pack of stand-up cyclists who are enjoying every mile together!

Together Again
It’s been a very long 18 months of adjusting to a new normal, to a world that is changing each and every day. While Rally and World Champs weekend is always marked by monumental achievements, it was the little things that really stood out this year. Shaking the hands of old riding buddies, high-fiving after getting in a great workout, being able to see the smiles on your faces as we all celebrated. After all of this time apart, what meant the most to all of us here at HQ was to ride together with you again. To view some pictures from the weekend, visit the Google album

Curious about World Champs and Rally Weekend and want to join us in 2022? 

Check out the Global ElliptiGO Riders Club for more information on the Rally and many other events throughout the year.

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