Allen Kilpatrick – June Rider of the Month

Let the riding do the talking

While some riders are happy to chat about their ElliptiGO achievements, others are more elusive, possibly preferring the quiet humming of the rubber on the road and the whizz from the rollers in the tracks.  

Meet the ever-humble Mr. Allen Kilpatrick:  A high mileage rider who created some excitement in the GERC (Global ElliptiGO Riders Club) with his sudden ability to pump out big rides on his Arc in between hours at work. Although he doesn’t talk a lot about it himself.

As of writing, Allen has completed 16 full Century rides and close to an accumulated 10,000 ElliptiGO Miles in a short time span.

Florida heat and humidity aside, the state offers a wonderful training climate and Allen is taking full advantage of it. Last time we checked in with him, ElliptiGO caught him in the middle of a ride!


I was born and raised in Tampa, FL, leaving the state in 1990 to join the Navy, serving for 5 years. Married for 24 years, I am a parent of three – Vaeliza (26), Allen III (24), & Alexis (17)).  My wife Cynthia Kilpatrick is also a Navy Vet who served for 10 years.

After being discharged from the Navy, I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, then worked for Siemens Energy Inc for 11 years as a Field Service/Project Engineer. Currently, I am employed at Universal Studios as an Automation Controls Technician. 

Becoming a rider

I like sports – but love basketball. Growing up I played baseball, basketball, soccer, and football. In High school, I ran track and played varsity basketball.

I’m 47 years old and was out of shape in March of 2019, weighing around 230 pounds. I now weigh between 178 and 185. 

Prior to discovering the ElliptiGO bikes I occasionally played pick up basketball but was not really active. I once loved to run and exercise until gaining weight and becoming preoccupied with life’s trials and tribulations… 

I first saw an ElliptiGO in an advertising video, along with the ElliptiGO bikes on display,  at a bike store while getting my son’s bike fixed. Since becoming an active ElliptiGO rider, I play more half-court basketball, jog short distances, and walk with my wife, all alongside my riding.

Strength through ElliptiGO riding

Several years back I ruptured my left patella tendon and had a few minor tears to my MCL in the same knee. I now have bilateral tendinitis in both knees. As a result of that injury and the lack of physical therapy, I also suffered atrophy of my right quad muscle. 

My quads still aren’t as strong as they used to be, but the strength in my quad is much better now since actively beginning riding my Arc in March of 2019. There are also issues with low back pain, but oddly enough my back feels great when I ride. Outside of those few things, I am in pretty good shape – thanks to my ElliptiGO.

Allen’s ElliptiGO models

Currently owning the Arc 8 and the Arc 24, I will hopefully one day own an RSUB and an 11R, in that order. The Arc is a fun bike to ride. Like with anything it takes repetition to master things. It may be challenging initially but with practice, patience, and many short rides, one will come to love it. I strongly believe that the Arc, especially the Arc 24, is the best bike in the ElliptiGO fleet.

Allen’s ElliptiGO Training

From April to October, I was riding 3 to 5 times a week. My weekly mileage goal is 120 miles. I have owned the Arc 8 since 2016 and the Arc 24 since July 2019. 

Prior to March 2019, the Arc 8 had only 144 miles on it – now there are about 1366 miles on it.  

My Arc 24 has over 2400 miles on it with 1802 miles (!) coming from the month of September – my biggest month to date. I have had multiple rides over 100 miles and actually rode the bike from Orlando, FL to Tampa FL (121 miles), which happens to be my longest ride. 

The ElliptiGO Community cholesterol effect…

The ElliptiGO community has been great for me in regards to inspiring me to ride more.  As a result of GERC, I made significant strides in meeting my riding, fitness, and weight goals.  

My overall cholesterol level has significantly improved and my HDL level is within 4 points of being considered good.  

As a result of joining the ElliptiGO’s Facebook Community, I have stepped out of my comfort zone and met several cool people in my area such as Royce Scoby and Dell Chapman.  

It’s a very helpful and entertaining community. I really enjoy how members are positive, seeking to inspire and encourage one another. Reading their comments and posts online can be inspiring as well as hilarious. Having this access to a great collection of personalities has been a blessing.  

Facts about Allen

  • Introvert with a very competitive spirit.  
  • Likes to read. Favorite author: Omar Tyree.  
  • Enjoys helping others and volunteering at elementary schools.  
  • Movie junkie.  Favorite genre: Comedy, Action, and Romance. 
  • Favorite movie of all times: The original Superman movie, with Rocky coming a close second. 
  • Favorite athletes: Michael Jordan, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, Pete Rose, Jackie Robinson, Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Walter Peyton, Doug Williams, Jessie Owens, Flo Jo, Arthur Ash, Billy Jean King, the Williams sisters, Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicholas, Tiger Woods, and Cheryl Miller. 

ElliptiGO has allowed me to become active again. Finally, I dream of a day when we all get along and live in a peaceful world where the haves freely help the have nots. 

ElliptiGO is excited over your health success Allen and wishes you many more happy miles!

Donner Pass Elinor Yee

Contributed by Elinor Yee  – A rider considering herself lucky for each day on her ElliptiGO, drawing inspiration from fellow riders conquering obstacles big & small. 

Want to inspire Elinor? Contact ElliptiGO with nominations to Rider of the Month or share your own story. It may just be the next feature!

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