ElliptiGO Recaps 10th Annual Rally Weekend Event

We just wrapped up the best three days of the year: the ElliptiGO Rally and World Championships Weekend! HQ was buzzing, the streets of San Diego were lined with stand up and elliptical bikes, and smiles were around every turn! This weekend full of riding and comradery is capstoned by the World Championship race up Palomar Mountain and the Rally group rides through Solana Beach. 

The weekend is organized by the Global ElliptiGO Riders Club, an organization headed by our most enthusiastic customers. Their efforts drew more than 100 riders from around the world to our hometown, and the memories made will last a lifetime. Here’s a recap of some of the highlights:

On Friday, we were joined at HQ by so many new and long-standing customers. It was exciting to see familiar faces who have attended every single Rally Weekend, as well as greet and welcome first-time attendees. The halls were filled with anticipation. CEO Bryan Pate met with all the riders planning to conquer the World Championship route early the next morning. Dinner followed at a local watering hole. Riders retired with dreams of climbing mountains dancing in their heads!

In the wee morning hours on Saturday, athletes gathered at the base of Palomar for the 10th annual ElliptiGO World Championships. This year, the event featured categories for elliptical and stand up bikes. For the first time in seven years, a new name will be engraved on the Founder’s Cup under the men’s elliptical category. Professional runner and ElliptiGO rider Johnny Crain climbed to the summit in 1:11:33 to take first place. Katie James, also a professional runner and ElliptiGO rider, earned the top spot for women with a time of 1:32:20. Seven-time champion (2012-18) Rusty Snow and Dylan Fitzgerald rounded out the men’s podium with times of 1:12:52 and 1:24:52 respectively. Tera Moody and Elinor Yee joined the women’s podium with times of 1:36:38 and 1:43:15 respectively

The SUB category now has its own trophy! The names that will be added to this unique award will be Billy Grace, who climbed Palomar on an RSUB in 1:12:33, and Amy Glen, who road a traditional SUB up the mountain in 1:36:09.

Following a little rest, riders gathered on Saturday afternoon for the Rally Rides. These relaxed rides of varying levels allow for the ElliptiGO community to explore North County San Diego while getting to know one another. The views in our little beach towns can’t be beat, making for a ride that’s truly breathtaking.

Riders then made their way to the Fletcher Cove Community Center for pizza, local brews and awards ceremony. Awards are presented by the Global ElliptiGO Riders Club and the ElliptiGO HQ team. Top finishers from the World Champs were acknowledged, as well as exemplary riders and teams from the Get Out And GO Challenge.

A special honor is given each year by HQ: the Authentic and Inspiring Award. This year, Tera Moody was named the recipient for her incredible generosity. She donated 10 ElliptiGO 8Cs with the wish that we use them to share her passion for the brand and the joy that her bikes have brought her with others. These bikes were used as a part of the Put A Bow On A GO contest, and will be given away during upcoming campaigns.

The weekend concluded with a Sunday morning ride and brunch at Fidel’s Mexican restaurant. 

It was a joy to meet with and see our customers throughout all of the exciting events. We hope to see you in 2020 as we embark into the next decade of ElliptiGO events! 

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