Five Female athletes conquer Palomar’s Nate Harrison Grade

Congratulations to the five female athletes for conquering Palomar Mountain’s Nate Harrison Grade on Saturday, January 9th and for setting the 3 WORLD RECORDS – FIRST, MOST and FASTEST up Palomar Mountain on the MSUB. The primarily off-road course climbed 4800 feet to the summit in 12.5 miles with an average grade of 8.2%, including some patches of snow and ice. Everyone put in inspiring performances, especially Rachelle Crumrine, mother of three, who absolutely smashed the course in a time of 1:53:48.

Here were their finishing times:

  1. Rachelle Crumrine 1:53:48
  2. Crystal Thakkar 2:09:35
  3. Denise Korenek 2:12:49
  4. Kelsie Baker 2:19:30
  5. Christine Aurigemma 3:08:51


Thank you athletes for inspiring us all. Something tells us this won’t be the last race up Palomar’s Harrison Grade. Also, thank you to Bill Pinnell for taking photos.


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