Patti Stirk & Jeff Hines- November Riders of the Month

Our customers are GOing places, from the top of mountains to cross-country expeditions! They are rising up and riding into incredible adventures. Let us share the story of two extraordinary riders who are on a unique journey with their ElliptiGO bikes in tow, our November 2021 Riders of the Month: Patti Stirk and Jeff Hines.

Running was what originally brought Patti and Jeff together. 

Patti, a lifelong athlete, had just signed up for a beginners running program sponsored by a local running club. She had been a 10-letter, three-sport athlete in high school playing basketball, field hockey, and softball. In college, she was a two-sport, D3 athlete playing basketball and volleyball at York College of Pennsylvania. She had to stop playing after spinal surgery.

Jeff, an accomplished runner, and athlete, was also a member of the same running group. He was an 8-letter, two-sport athlete in high school. He won the New Jersey All Groups State Championships for the 1500 with a 3:56 PR. Jeff was a D1 runner in college at Bucknell University. He went on to run for the All Army Team, where he ran a marathon PR at the Marine Corp Marathon in 2:28!

During a club picnic, beginners and more experienced members had a chance to meet and mingle. Patti and Jeff ended up playing volleyball together that day. As they say, the rest is history.

Like so many runners, Jeff and Patti experienced lots of injuries. One day in 2010, they were out running on the boardwalk along the Jersey Shore. They saw an ElliptiGO bike go by, shared a look, and knew that this was a solution to their running injury woes. Jeff and Patti ordered one straight away and soon added a second one to their collection. It wasn’t long before they were going the distance. Patti and Jeff are both members of the ElliptiGO Century Club, Jeff is #23 on the list, and Patti is #47. making them some of the first people on the planet to complete a 100-mile ride on an ElliptiGO bike!

Like many ElliptiGO riders, Patti and Jeff sometimes encounter skeptical traditional cyclists while riding who ask, “Where is the seat?” Patti has coined an amazing catchphrase that is the perfect response: “Sitting is quitting!”

11 years later, century rides are the name of Patti and Jeff’s game! They are now on a mission to ride 100 miles on their ElliptiGO bikes in all 50 states.

Patti said, “We were lucky enough to retire early, custom-built our van to carry two 11Rs and our 20-year old cat, and hit the road in pursuit of national parks and a Century ride in all 50 states. So far Jeff has 14 and I have 13. I still need to make up for his first 100 in New Jersey.  We seek paved trails with minimal elevation. Some places we just take what we can find.”

Here are the states that Patti and Jeff have checked off so far:

  • Virginia
  • Indiana
  • West Virginia
  • Wisconsin
  • Arizona
  • North Carolina
  • Florida
  • Delaware
  • New York
  • Pennsylvania
  • Maryland
  • New Jersey (Jeff only)
  • South Carolina

Next up, Patti is pushing for Tennessee and Jeff is thinking Georgia. We can’t wait to see where this adventure takes them next.

Patti and Jeff shared more about the #VanLife and #cardiotourism: “Our self converted Ford Transit van was purpose-built to carry two long stride 11Rs to all 49 states – Hawaii is gonna require a plane! We named our YouTube & Instagram channel @ElliptiVango. Our van has two beds, solar power, shower, toilet, sink, heat, hot water, two-burner gas stove, a refrigerator, and room for a kitty litter box…all in 72 sq ft!” 

Which has been Jeff and Patti’s favorite century ride so far?

Jeff said, “We think our most memorable century was the September 2014 New York City Century Ride where we had to literally carry our GOs up rather long flights of stairs to get to bridge decks. It was the first time we ever rode with or even saw other GOers which made it extra special, shout out to Carol Galgano and Wes Knowles. There were a thousand traffic lights, and all but two were red!”

Like most every ElliptiGO customer, Jeff and Patti find our community to be extremely motivating and inspiring! Jeff and Patti are active members of the Global ElliptiGO Riders Club, participating in organized rides and competitive challenges offered each year. They told us they love “the camaraderie and the cool events and humans” in the club.

Want to follow along on Jeff and Patti’s journey to complete a century ride in all 50 states? Here’s how:

Talk about couple goals! Jeff, Patti, thank you for making ElliptiGO a part of your adventure to see every corner of our beautiful country. We love seeing all of the places our bikes take people, whether it is just down the block or around the world. You’ve reminded us that there is so much to explore…and that, if you want to go far, you should GO together!

Contact ElliptiGO with nominations to Rider of the Month or share your own story. It may just be the next feature!

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  1. David Potter says:

    Great accomplishment but Revelstoke is in British Columbia Canada.
    Did they make a wrong turn leaving Arizona?😎

  2. Dainah Graham says:

    Awesome story!

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