Paul Wormsbecher – April Rider of the Month

Several years before his retirement, Paul Wormsbecher was on a run at Umstead State Park where an ElliptiGO demo was happening. “I saw an ElliptiGO Long-stride model for the first time and knew one day I would own one,” he said.

Paul Wormsbecher is the April Rider of the MonthPaul is determined to enjoy life. A 59-year-old retired computer engineer, he prefers his days to be filled with activities, family, friends and good food. Not only has Paul crushed his personal fitness goals through riding an ElliptiGO bike, but he is also a fun-loving force of rallying energy in the ElliptiGO community.  

A Dedicated Daily Rider

“I love being out on the trails knocking out the miles,” said Paul. “I don’t generate much of a breeze while running, but feel like I am flying on my GO.” 

The beautiful Pittsboro, North Carolina is where Paul and his wife Lisa call home. They have a dog that they love, and they are able to spend time with immediate family. There are miles of ground to cover by foot or bike in their greater area, in addition to the peaceful paths in their small town just 40 miles southwest of Raleigh. 

Paul rides 20 to 30 miles frequently on his red 8C on the greenways and trails in the Raleigh/Durham area. 

“Every ride, I receive positive comments about how cool my bike is,” Paul said. “The comments come from across the entire age, race, and gender spectrum. It just makes me happy and I generally reply with an affirmative and a thanks.”

A Challenger in all Aspects of Life

Paul had a 35-year career as a mechanical design engineer in which he earned the title of IBM Master Inventor and was awarded 65 U.S. patents — and he definitely tackles the rest of his life with as much gumption. With the head and the heart of an engineer, Paul welcomes a new challenge, always looking for a way to make things happen.

It appears I have found my groove,” Paul said, “as each of the past two years I ran a tad over 1,000 miles and rode a tad under 3,000 miles.” 

Paul was active long before his ElliptiGO days. He went all-in as a multi-sport athlete in high school and was an active member of recreational teams in college and beyond. He paired down to just recreational basketball after he and his wife had children.

“During those years I gained 20 lbs per child, retained it, then slowly added another 40,” Paul said. “I quit basketball because I stopped having fun.”

Achieving Goals

At the age of 49, Paul started running again and found motivation to push himself in the sport through the Carolina Godiva Track Club. For Paul, the club turned running from a solo activity into a social activity. After retirement, he discovered how to build a routine around ElliptiGO and found camaraderie in our community of riders. 

Paul joined the Global ElliptiGO Riders Club (GERC) as part of his participation in the 2019 ElliptiGO Spring Classic in Clermont, Florida. . He had a great time and formed lasting connections which inspired him to fully immerse himself into the club. He also joined the ElliptiGO Facebook group to stay a connected and active member of the community. 

“I found I really enjoyed participating with the ElliptiGO group because it is a really positive supportive place,” said Paul.  “If I can help and support a fellow GOer, I am more than happy to do so.” 

Paul Wormsbecher is the April Rider of the Month

Motivating the ElliptiGO Community

He has also participated in GERC rides in Richmond, VA, Dover, DE, and Ashburn, VA and Washington, D.C. Paul’s enthusiasm was noted and he was asked to participate on GERC’s communication committee.

“I am very impressed with the club’s operations and the commitment made by an entirely volunteer group to enrich other people’s experience,” Paul said.

ElliptiGO and Paul are a perfect match. He makes the most of the communities around him, gives back and keeps pushing himself for better. 

My true goals are general health and fitness while having fun. I have attained these goals and will try to maintain them,” said Paul. “Though not a serious goal, I think about making Pittsboro, NC the highest number of ElliptiGO bike owners/riders per capita on the East Coast.”

For his next challenge, Paul will be riding 100k in the Amish Country Ride in Dover, DE this fall. 

We support you and all of these goals, Paul! Thank you for being a part of and contributing to our community.

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