Richard Ramones – October Rider of the Month

Richard Ramones lived a physically demanding life serving in the Navy for 20 years. He has since integrated training on his ElliptiGO bike to help with injury recovery, staying active and enjoying his life.

Meet Richard Ramones!


I am a 2nd Generation US Military Service Member. I was born in Naval Air Station, Leemore, CA. My father was stationed there at the time, I am what you call a “Military Brat,” having been raised between two cultures simultaneously. I spent most of my upbringing (11 years) growing up at the US Naval Base in Yokosuka, Japan. Immediately after high school, I enlisted in the US Navy.

You would call me a “West Coast Sailor,” as my naval career has had me all over the Pacific. After serving in the Navy for 20 yrs, I retired in 2013. 

Now I reside in beautiful Southern California with my wife Alice and two kids (Jayden 7 & Isabelle 11). We live in San Diego, aka “America’s Finest City.” … Chula Vista to be more specific.

On staying active

As service members, we were always subjected to a Bi-Annual PRT (Physical Readiness Test) during my Active Duty years. It consists of two parts. In the 1st part, you had to be within Navy standards based on your height & weight measurements. The 2nd part, pending age, would determine the standards in the number of push-ups, sit-ups, and time in which you had to run 1.5 miles. 

Three consecutive failures on any part would result in being kicked out of the Navy. Twenty years of having to maintain Navy physical standards has carried over to post-military life now that I’m retired.

Finding his ride

One day over the weekend, I saw something I had never seen before on the local KUSI news. Brent Teal, Bryan Pate, and Bryce Whiting were demoing and showcasing the Long Stride at the time. It definitely sparked my interest.

A Google search led me to the ElliptiGO website. I was glad to find that the World Headquarters are local right here in San Diego, and that test rides were available for all GO bike models there. 

Richard’s models

My 1st ElliptiGO bike is a matte black Arc 8 who I named Black Beauty. Through her, I developed my conditioning to where it is today. I started from 3 – 5 leisure miles around my neighborhood to doing 20 miles a day every other day, four days a week. It was exactly one year the 2nd week of July this year when I invested in her.

While getting more serious with my GO’ing this summer, I got myself a 2nd GO bike, this time a matte black Long Stride 11R whom I’ve named ZEUS. I found the name ZEUS fitting because in Greek mythology, he is the Alpha of all of the Greek gods, and the Long Stride 11R is the flagship model of all the GO bikes. 

In my opinion, it is 2nd to none. It’s funny how naming our GO bikes is part of the GO’ing culture. 

Getting more accomplished in my cardio workout regiment, it has now become a full-blown “GO ADDICTION.” Having ZEUS in my ever-growing stable gives me the means to switch from one platform to another – a good luxury to have.

Life impact and Injury Recovery

Halfway through my 20 years of Active Duty Service, I sustained a back injury where I fractured my neck (C2 vertebrae) and crushed my lower back (L2 vertebrae). For my neck injury, I was fitted with and had to wear a HALO contraption for 3 ½ months. Fortunately, my neck fracture, otherwise known as a “Hang Man’s Fracture,” healed on its own during that time frame. 

My lower back, on the other hand, required me to have a Lumbar Laminectomy procedure, fusing my L1 – L3 with titanium hardware. Since then, I continue to experience chronic lower back pain. Injury recovery is something I am always managing.

This injury alone could have easily ended my military career. But to make a long story short, I was able to retire and do 20 years, even passing the Navy’s bi-annual PRT and all.

Additionally, before retiring from the military, I was borderline diabetic with high cholesterol. In the months following, I eventually became a full-blown Type 2 diabetic.

I can honestly say 5 ½ years into post-military life (since retiring in 2013), I took on a “Happy Go Lucky” approach, brushing off any real consideration towards healthy life choices and practices.

Fast forward to today, after almost 1.5 years of ElliptiGO riding I’ve found injury recovery practices and managed to drastically turn my health issues around for the better with blood work readings all in the good! 

Looking towards the future

Within around 15 months of riding, I’ve managed to rack up just under 3,735 miles, and 171,000 feet elevation gained. Future goals include:

  • Continually improving and working towards a Century Ride.
  • To venture out of my comfort zone and GO ride at other venues, to include meeting with and riding with other fellow GO’ers.
  • Participate in future ElliptiGO meets, events, and gatherings.

As of recently, I can honestly call myself a GERC member. It’s official ladies & gentlemen! Last July I completed my first ElliptiGO affiliated event, Bike For Humanity 2 (as a virtual ride). I’m also proud to say that our team “The Stand Up & ElliptiGO’ers” took 1st place overall in this past September’s GERC Group Challenge.

If I knew then what I know now, I would’ve been a GO rider a whole lot sooner. And probably own stock too. I beat myself up for missing the opportunity to invest and own a small piece of ElliptiGO. 

ElliptiGO wishes you the best of luck as you continue riding Richard – Perfecting the dream of running on air!

Donner Pass Elinor YeeContributed by Elinor Yee – A rider considering herself lucky for each day on her ElliptiGO, drawing inspiration from fellow riders conquering obstacles big & small. 

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