Accessories and Parts

We have the essential gear you need to keep your ElliptiGO bike running smoothly and safely, no matter what the road throws at you.

SUB Toe Cages


Cateye 400XC headlight


Replacement Kickstand for Arc and SUB


SUB Road Repair Kit


90mm Shockstop Suspension Stem with handlebar shim


120mm Shockstop Suspension Stem with handlebar shim


Arc Road Repair Kit


Arc and SUB Rear Fender


Arc and SUB Chain


Arc and SUB Rapid Mini Taillight


Tiger Eye Helmet Mirror


Tiger Eye Glasses Mirror


Long-Stride Rapid Mini Tailight


CatEye Volt 800 Headlight


Arc Toe Cages


Long-Stride Toe Cages


Long-Stride Road Repair Kit


OnGuard Doberman Combo Cable Lock


Isabel Bell


Joe Blow Sport III Floor Pump


Topeak Mini Morph Pump


Ergon GP-3 Grips


Ergon GP-5 Grips with Barend


Water Bottle


Water Bottle and Cage Mount


Schwalbe Marathon Racer Tire


Two Schwalbe Marathon Racer Tires


Kenda Kwest


Two Kenda Kwest Tires


Presta Valve Tube


Two Presta Valve Tubes


Brake Pads


3-speed chain


8-speed chain for 8C, 8S or 11R


Load Wheel


Track Insert


Track and Load Wheel Kit


CO2 Cartridges: 3-Pack


Kickstand for Long-Stride Bikes


C Series Grip Tape


8S and 11R Grip Tape


Gordo Trunk Rack Modification Kit


Atoc European Style Cross Bar Bolt Kit