Support the Obese Like Me Documentary, Win an MSUB

The Obese Like Me project was born out of a desire by one woman, Erica Gros, to change her lifestyle, lose weight and model better habits for her children. Through her upcoming documentary, Erica hopes to highlight the generational impact of obesity and to inspire change.

Erica Gros grew up overweight. Her childhood weight problem followed her into adulthood and her obesity became a constant daily struggle. She had little energy and began to notice oncoming health complications. Watching her young children follow that same path, Erica knew that she needed to make a change for good.

To inspire her two kids, Erica has made it her mission to learn everything she can about nutrition and proper fitness. She and her kids now participate in fun activities together and have discovered the joy of living healthily.

Erica became aware of ElliptiGO through Game Changers Running Company, our partner in Coastal Georgia. After one ride on the MSUB, Erica was hooked. She now rides 5-6 days/week as a part of her fitness routine and inspiring transformation. She enjoys the low-impact, cardio workout her MSUB delivers. Erica has already lost over 50lbs and her energy has never been higher, motivating her to try new things. These changes lit a fire in her to continue to inspire not only her children, but other families struggling with the same issues.

GO Erica, we are all routing for you!

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  1. lisa says:

    when i go to venmo, i am told that there is no @Ron-Elliott-23 user.

    • Tennille says:

      I have done a test and it does work. You can scan the QR code through the Venmo app. When you type in Ron-Elliot-23 you have to click the “show more results” text in blue that venmo gives you. Hope that helps.

    • Sue w. says:

      Venmo asking for last 4 digits of Ron’s phone number

      • Tennille says:

        Hello Sue W.! That is a setting on your end. You can change your venmo setting so it doesn’t require that. You can contact Game Changers for the venmo phone number if you cannot change your settings. That # is (912) 445-2163.

  2. Amanda says:

    Is there a PayPal account to sent money to so I get raffle ticket(s)? I do not have Venmo or a device that has apps on it to get that service. Yes my cell phone is 14 yrs old or more. I relate to Erica’s story what I have heard so far.

  3. Tracy Ward says:

    This is AWESOME! Go Erica GO! And way to go Ron for supporting her journey of transformation!

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