Tips from Keri for Spring Cleaning Your GO!

It’s GO Time!

The hands of spring have finally broken winter’s grip and it’s time to get those ElliptiGOs out and cleaned! Over a decade in, I have come to the realization that many of us are enjoying the ride versus taking care of the steed we enlist for our workouts! Not to worry! Cleaning and maintaining your GO, even if you are not mechanically inclined, is straightforward and therapeutic. Free therapy, how can we go wrong!

Let’s start with taking a step back and really looking at your bike. For many of us, it’s easy to see past all the dirt, grime and random webs hanging down (I know some of you named the little critters whose home is in your grips or stem). But even those insects and arachnids impact the function of your GO. 

The majority of this article will be applicable to all riders, but there are some differences between models of GOs, please take note if I’m calling your bike(s) out specifically.

We want to clean all the hard-earned dirt and grime, but we will not use a hose! This is a cosmically debated topic, I know, but do not use your hose. I use our Muc-Off cleaning kit because it comes with everything I need to clean my 11R (and SUB). You will need at least two rags. One you can be proud of that collects all the ick you’ve removed and one to ensure there isn’t residual cleaner on the bike. 

Break the bike down into sections. Start with the front of the bike. For this, we will not use a lot of bike cleaner on your cockpit. Spray a bit of cleaner on the rag and wipe down your grips, bar-ends, brake levers, shifter and handlebars.  Wipe down the stem and steering column. {Pro-tip, if you feel comfortable, you can pull the brake cables from the levers and add a few drops of lube into the housing}. 

For those with an 11R or 8S, which  have the folding steering column, slide the collar up and wipe down the mast and base underneath. Make sure to then use your clean rag to remove any residue from the cleaner.

Continue down the frame head tube and fork. Check your cables for any cracks or splits. Especially the connection at the controls on the handlebars. Elliptical bike users, check the front brake, specifically the silver noodle that sits in your brake arm. Make sure it’s not bent or cracked or being pulled under the frame!

MSUB riders! Your suspension fork is due for some service. Make sure to check the fork air pressure using the shock pump and then schedule lower leg service with your local bike mechanic.

Next, rotate your steering column side-to-side. Note if it rotates smoothly or if it sounds rough or actually gets stuck on one side of the rotation. Check for any headset play by pulling on the handlebars front to back. If the rotation is sticky or you have play, call me. 

Now wipe off your rim. As you do this, inspect your rim for wear. There is (except the MSUB/RSUB) a black wear indicator in the middle of the front and rear rims. If this black indicator is no longer visible or your rim looks like it’s warping, then give me a call. Also, while inspecting your rim, this is a good time to check your spoke tensions. On the front wheel, grab the spokes closer towards the rim and give a little squeeze. They should feel uniform in tightness. If you have any loose or missing spokes, give me a call.

Now check out your tire! Is it flat? If it is inflated, look at the sidewalls, is it crosshatched? (“X” marks along the edges of the tire) Does the tire have any major cuts or signs or can you see the actual threads through the rubber? If so, you need a new tire. Check your brake pads (stand-up bike users, you do this too, if you squeeze your front brake lever and if it touches your grip, you need new pads). 

Continue cleaning along the frame. Those that have our elliptical bicycles, check out your tracks and load wheels. Load wheels do not have seams across them. If you spot what looks like a seam, that is a crack and that means the load wheels need replacement. Your tracks are worn if they are no longer black! Use your cleaning rag to wipe off the load wheels and track inserts. Then wipe down with your dry, clean rag. Elliptical bike users, inspect your cable housing. Is it pinched? Is it cracked? Those with MSUB/RSUB frames, make sure you clean the belly of the frame! You collect lots of fun muck under there! 

Now the real fun begins! The drivetrain! Muc-Off drivetrain cleaner is amazing and also biodegradable! (you may want gloves for this next part anyway unless you are like me and enjoy showing off hard worked hands). Spray the drivetrain cleaner on the rag to prevent overspray into areas we don’t want the degreaser getting. Cycle the chain through your rag to remove the old grime and grease. Hold the rag against the chainring (inside for elliptical bikes and outside for stand-up bikes). Slowly rotate the drivearms/pedals so that you can remove excess buildup on the chainring. For those with a cassette, use the Muc-Off cassette brush. (spray the degreaser down into the cassette, do not spray across the cassette). 

For Elliptical bike owners, check your rear brake pads and your hub alignment. Look at your shifter cable as it’s attached into the rear wheel- is it frayed? You can wipe off your hub and cable. Standup bike riders, check your rear pads. Check the rotor. You can clean your rotor with alcohol, not the chain degreaser! All riders, inspect your spokes. On this wheel, you grab the spokes that are straight, not crossed, see photos below. If they are loose or broken- you got it- call me!

Check the rear rim and tire for any wear similar to the front rims and tire. Inflate both tires to the recommended PSI. Cycle the drivetrain by hand and make sure it sounds good. Standup bike riders, shift through your gears, watching the chain engage with each cog on the cassette. 

Once you’ve finished cleaning and reviewing your GO, stand back and bask in its shiny triumph! Now go out and get it all dirty again!

For any questions about how to clean your GO or if you run into issues, shoot me an email: [email protected] or give me a call: 888.796.8227! Happy Riding! 





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  1. Jane LeGore says:

    Awesomeness!! Thank you, Keri!!! 🤗💕

  2. Tim Cass says:

    Can the cleaner be purchased by itself?

  3. Ron McCoy says:

    My 8C is no longer shifting. The dots on the hub are aligned as I understand they are supposed to be. I push the lever repeatedly until finally it grabs a gear. I miss running on my elliptigo. Any suggestions?

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