Top 5 Reasons to Invest in an ElliptiGO Bike

You’ve probably heard the saying “health is wealth.” And that’s true. With good health, anything in life is possible. Investing in your health can benefit your quality of life and your longevity.

New fitness equipment can be a good way to invest in your health. And purchasing a stand-up or elliptical bike is a GREAT investment! We know there are dozens of reasons to go ElliptiGO, including the core benefits of a low-impact, comfortable, full-body workout, but here we’ll share the top five reasons our customers invest in an ElliptiGO bike.

Working out has never been this much FUN. The most common word our customers use to describe their ElliptiGO riding is FUN. We’re heard some call it a “smile machine” because it’s hard not to smile while riding. Instead of dreading your workout or it feeling like a chore, you’ll actually look forward to getting on your GO. This all translates to more riding, more fitness, and more value for your dollar. 

ElliptiGO bikes are built to last. Some fitness equipment is flimsy and doesn’t stand the test of time. We didn’t try to create the cheapest bikes we could make; we focused on a quality product and delivering a superior fitness experience. With nearly 40,000 ElliptiGO bikes on the road (including the first bikes we released more than 13 years ago), some ElliptiGO owners have ridden tens of thousands of miles on their stand-up and elliptical bikes. 

ElliptiGO bikes are versatile. We offer a wide selection of bikes to fit any riding preference. All of our bikes are ready to roll on paved roads, of course. The RSUB is built for speed and the MSUB is ready for off-road adventures and mountain trails. The 11R can tackle the hilliest rides.

You can even ride indoors on any of our bikes with our Fluid 365 stationary trainer. Just pop your bike into the trainer and ride at your own speed while watching TV, or challenge yourself by following a pre-recorded workout by our elite trainer. (MSUB owners will need to switch out the tires first.) 

Want to climb hills easily and GO farther? Electrify your ElliptiGO! Each of our bikes comes in an electric version! Or you can add an electric conversion kit to your ElliptiGO bike anytime. 

It’s a very low-risk purchase. All ElliptiGO bikes come with a 30-day, money-back guarantee when purchased via Ride your favorite routes, show it off to your friends … and on the off-chance you don’t like it, we’ll happily take it back and refund your money. You’ll just be on the hook for $139, the cost of one-way shipping. That’s right … $139 for 30 days of use. It’s the best rental program going! 

We’re here to support you. When you buy an ElliptiGO bike, you become a member of our family. And this is a close family! Want tips for setting the stride length? We’ve got a video for that—in fact, we’ve got a suite of support videos and riding skills videos! Is your bike making a funny sound? Our friendly service staff will quickly find a solution. Wondering where to ride in your town? Our passionate community of riders will happily share their favorite routes with you. Our customer-run Facebook group shares tips, the Global ElliptiGO Riders Club puts on social events, and Strava users will enjoy friendly competition in the ElliptiGO Club.  

No matter whether you’re looking for a fun way to get fit, lose weight, recover from or prevent an injury, or increase your endurance, an ElliptiGO bike is a great investment in your health. Choosing a pre-owned bike can save you 5 to 20% on your purchase. And financing can make that investment even easier. You could pay for your bike over 12 months at 0% APR, or pay over 36 months at a competitive interest rate. 

Our customers often tell us that an ElliptiGO bike is the best purchase they ever made. Make the investment. We can’t wait to welcome you to the ElliptiGO family!

Already own an ElliptiGO bike? We would love to hear your thoughts on why your ElliptiGO bike has been a great investment!

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