Your Brain On The GO

ElliptiGO bikes have been tools for major athletic achievement. From the Olympics to the Boston Marathon, professional athletes trust us to help them get fit for the world’s stage. Fitness fanatics and active people of all levels see results from ElliptiGO bikes too – with countless stories of injuries overcome, new PRs set, weight shed, and health improved! 

Over the decade that ElliptiGO bikes have been on the market, there’s been no question about the physical benefits of our bikes…but what about the mental benefits? What does your brain get when you’re on the GO? We looked to the experts to find out. Here’s what we discovered.

Thinking Clearer
Many ElliptiGO riders report having bright ideas during and post-ride. According to Scientific American, this enhanced level of cognition is linked to exercise and its impact on our cardiovascular system. They say, “Research shows that when we exercise, blood pressure and blood flow increase everywhere in the body, including the brain. More blood means more energy and oxygen, which makes our brain perform better.” 

This doesn’t surprise ElliptiGO rider and Enthusiast Mike Ruffulo. He told us, “Personally while riding my ElliptiGO bike, I have solved complex work problems, developed wedding toasts, and even envisioned the storyline of a Broadway-style musical. Yet another reason why I love this sport!”

Scientific American says this is also in part due to the high activity seen in the hippocampus, a part of the brain critical for learning and memory, during exercise. They say, “When the neurons in this structure rev up, research shows that our cognitive function improves.”

Feeling HappyWinter Classic
Riding an ElliptiGO bike won’t just help you think sharply. It can also aid in improving your mood and overall mental health. The Mayo Clinic reports that completing 30 minutes or more of exercise between three and five days a week can improve depression and anxiety symptoms. It does so in a couple of key ways.

Exercise releases endorphins, the feel-good hormone. Mayo Clinic says that these “natural cannabis-like brain chemicals and other natural brain chemicals…enhance your sense of well-being.”

Alongside this internal release of endorphins, there are external factors that play into the mental health benefits too. The Mayo Clinic notes that you’re likely to engage in social interaction when you exercise (like our amazing ElliptiGO community of riders,) that you’ll be gaining confidence by meeting goals, and that you’ll be armed with new, healthy coping skills when faced with struggles or obstacles in life.

ElliptiGO rider Scott Berger said he has experienced that boost in his self-esteem from riding his bike. He shared, “One of the most important things as you get older is believing you can not only maintain your physical abilities but continue to improve them. When I’m on my ElliptiGO 8C I think I can do that extra mile, or 5 miles, or 10 miles. It’s a great source of personal satisfaction.”

Achieving The “Runner’s High”

Runner - running shoes closeup of woman barefoot running shoes. Female jogging in Central Park, New York City.

While ElliptiGO bikes are a great addition to or alternative to running, you won’t have to go without the “runner’s high” when you ride. According to the University of Washington Medicine, any type of endurance exercise can help you reach this euphoric state!

“Running, spinning, cycling — it’s any aerobic activity that keeps your heart rate up,” they reported. “New research suggests it’s caused by endocannabinoids, or chemicals in your body that affect mood by crossing the blood-brain barrier.”

What’s the recipe for achieving it? They suggest switching up your workouts regularly and exercising for longer periods of time. As if the “high” wasn’t enough, they say you’ll be lowering your risk for disease and getting better sleep when you do so!

ElliptiGO rider Carol Galgano shared this experience. She said, “Basically throughout my rides, while pushing hard or being forced to coast, I experience endorphin nirvana and am completely in the zone yet aware of my surroundings.”

ElliptiGO Enthusiast Mike Ruffulo said ElliptiGO bikes are a great vehicle to get you to this great state of mind. He told us, “In my experience, the best way to achieve the ‘runner’s high’ is through distance running or by riding an ElliptiGO. Runner’s high is the real deal where your mind is at peace and you are able to tap into your most creative and innovative thoughts and ideas.”

Have you seen major mental benefits from getting out there on your ElliptiGO bike? Tell us about the brain boost you’ve experienced in the comments!

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