Lisa and Dell Chapman – April Riders of the Month

Do you have a wish to stay active throughout your whole life? It’s not always easy! Different workout fads come and go. Injuries, aches and pains can stop us in our tracks. It can be even harder when our family or friends don’t share our desire to keep moving. Our April 2022 Riders of the Month are an inspiring duo who have found a way to stay fit for life – together! Plus, they’re channeling their passion for stand up cycling into hosting one of the most beloved annual ElliptiGO gatherings. This month, we’re excited to spotlight Lisa and Dell Chapman!

Dell and Lisa have been together over four decades! This couple says it was love at first sight – and sail. “We met near the University of Florida in Gainesville, where I was going to school. Dell was building sailboats there and took my girlfriends and I out sailing after a bachelorette party,” Lisa shared. They eventually headed to Orlando where Dell would attend the University of Central Florida. Lisa and Dell both landed jobs at the Kennedy Space Center (and Lisa still works there today supporting the upcoming Artemis I launch!)

The Chapman’s were always very active. They were constantly working out, hitting the gym and riding traditional bikes. Their love of sailing also kept them fit! At one point, they took a five year sabbatical to sail from Florida, to the Bahamas, to the Long Island Sound and also spent summers on the Chesapeake Bay. Talk about an adventure! They ended their expedition in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, where they live today.

It’s no surprise that this daring and adventurous couple was intrigued by a unique bike they saw go by one day in their new town. Dell recalled, “It was here in New Smyrna Beach that we saw our first ElliptiGO bike riding around town. The very next day we went for a test drive and have never looked back. We think it is the best and most fun exercise we have ever done. It’s the only exercise we have stuck to consistently for 7 years, never gotten bored and never dreaded it. We look forward to every ride!”

Dell rides daily (and has logged over 22,000 miles on his ElliptiGO bike!) Lisa rides a few times a week. They love utilizing the beautiful local trail system in their area where they often meet other ElliptiGO riders. “We developed an active local community that we love to ride with,” Lisa said.

Community is a cornerstone of the ElliptiGO experience and this couple takes full advantage of all it has to offer! They joined the Global ElliptiGO Riders Club(GERC) in 2017, and are active members in our customer-run Facebook group. They’ve even stepped up to lead and host one of the key annual GERC events: the ElliptiGO Spring Classic!

“GERC has been an amazing club for us, we have met so many wonderful people and have had so much fun. We approached the leadership team about doing a ride in Florida and the Spring Classic was reborn. We have been so happy to host it since 2017,” Lisa told us. “I went to the Winter Classic that year to learn from the experts, Jane Legore, Jim Cremer and the ElliptiGO headquarters crew. We get great help from GERC leadership, but honestly, it is easy to host because the ElliptiGO community is a friendly, easy going group of riders! We look forward to the event every year!”

They’ve also hosted two ElliptiGO Day events, “Fun in the Sun” in May 2021 in Winter Garden, Florida and GO-toberfest in October 2021 which featured lunch at a great German Restaurant in Sanford, Florida.

When Dell and Lisa aren’t being the hosts with the most, they’re out participating in other amazing gatherings and rides like the Boggy Creek Ride supporting Paul Newman’s children’s charity and the 5 Cities Tour that promotes biking and travels through Orlando, Winter Park, Maitland, Longwood, and Eatonville, Florida.

What’s next for this dynamic duo? They hope to keep riding their ElliptiGO bikes for many years to come, enjoying each and every ride. They also want to join us for Rally Weekend here in Solana Beach and participate in the TD Five Boro Bike Tour in the future – two great GO bucket list items!

We asked Lisa and Dell what they’d tell someone who’s on the fence about getting their first ElliptiGO bike. Here’s what they told us:

“If they are anything like us, standing up to ride an ElliptiGO, getting rid of the saddle, and getting a great aerobic workout will be the best decision they have made and they will never look back. It is the most fun you can have exercising and there is a great community of riders to support you and enjoy it with! We feel very fortunate to be a part of the entire ElliptiGO experience and look forward to many more years GOing!”

Dell, Lisa, thank you for showing us that all of life’s greatest adventures still lie ahead and reminding us that you have to keep moving to find those exciting new moments. We love that our bikes have helped you both GO and stay fit together. We appreciate you bringing that collaborative spirit and creating key experiences that bond our community of riders together!

Contact ElliptiGO with nominations to Rider of the Month or share your own story. It may just be the next feature!

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  1. Katie says:

    Definitely a deserving duo! It was great seeing you at the Spring Classic! And you ordered perfect weather too. 🙂

  2. Erin Bethea says:

    Ditto what Katie said!

  3. Kim says:

    Congratulations to you!!

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