Top 10 ElliptiGO Moments of 2022

New Year’s Day is around the corner and we’ll be welcoming in 2023. Before we do, let’s recap the most exciting and monumental moments from this past year. It’s time to count down the top ElliptiGO moments of 2022! 

  1. Jump Around With Nitro Circus! Back in June, the professional daredevils at Nitro Circus posted this wild video featuring one of our bikes. As a reminder, this definitely voids your warranty and we don’t recommend you try this at home. That said, we’re stoked that these experienced athletes and stunt pros included an ElliptiGO 8C into their tour, which visited 20+ cities in the US over the summer.


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  1. Legendary Author Gives A GO Shoutout: In August, New York Times Bestselling Author and accomplished runner Malcolm Gladwell told CITIUS Mag that he is ‘an ElliptiGO convert’. The publication shared a video where he talked about his experience adopting ElliptiGO training and why it solves all the problems that come with traditional cycling. We couldn’t have said it any better!

  1. 2022 Riders of the Month: Each month, we bring you the unique story of a special member (or members) of our ElliptiGO community. They might be achieving major athletic accomplishments, marking health milestones, or giving back to their community. Each are incredibly inspiring, and we name these individuals our Riders of the Month. Here are the amazing people we featured in 2022:
  1. Standing With Stand Up To Cancer: This year, we rallied riders across the globe to make miles into meaningful contributions for Stand Up To Cancer®. We hosted the ElliptiGO Virtual Stand Up & Ride Fundraiser to benefit Stand Up To Cancer on September 17 and 18. We also created two limited-edition SU2C-branded ElliptiGO bikes, an RSUB and an 11R in celebration of the stand-up partnership. A portion of the sales of these special bikes contributed towards the fundraiser as well! Between these two initiatives, we’re proud to say that we donated more than $20,000 to Stand Up To Cancer this year and will continue our support in 2023.This is a partnership we’ve been dreaming of for years and it was amazing to see it brought to life – all for an important cause. Thanks to everyone who participated in the ride or added a SU2C bike to your fleet.
  1. Electrifying ElliptiGO Bikes: Back in 2021, we launched our eBike conversion kits. Thanks to all of the overwhelmingly positive feedback we received, we launched our eBikes in 2022! The electric boost is perfect for those who are brand new to healthy movement, returning to fitness after an injury, or beginning to adapt their healthy routines in their golden years. Shop Electric ElliptiGO Bikes here!
  1. Epic Edition of the ElliptiGO World Championship: On Oct. 23, the 13th annual ElliptiGO World Championships brought 30 athletes up Palomar Mountain in North San Diego County. The 11.69-mile route features a 4,209 foot climb with an average grade of 7%! This was our second year of having both Elliptical Bike and Stand up Bike divisions. Check out who took the podium in each division below and to check out the full results visit.

Men’s Elliptical Division
1st – Mark Fairley 1:18:58
2nd – Jonathan Matthews 1:28:49
3rd – Mark Berger 1:30:08

Women’s Elliptical Division
1st – Tera Moody 1:30:42
2nd – Shannon Payne 1:32:21
3rd – Sammy George 1:33:44

Men’s SUB Division
1st – Billy Grace 1:11:21
2nd – Brian Kildow 1:16:44

Women’s SUB Division
1st – Denise Mueller 1:45:12
2nd – Carol Galgano 2:58:34

  1. Records Fall During Rally Weekend: Another major moment from World Champs and Rally Weekend was record breaking! In addition to taking first in the Elliptical Division of the ElliptiGO World Championships, Mark Fairley set a new ElliptiGO mile World Record at 2:33:94 on the track at Canyon Crest Academy in San Diego! What a great way to kick off the largest ElliptiGO event of the year. Mark is the meet Director and Volunteer Assistant Track & Field/XC Coach at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. Previously the record was held by Paul Thomas at 2:37.25.

  1. Chelsea Sodaro Wins The IRONMAN World Championship: Professional Triathlete Chelsea Sodaro won the most iconic and challenging triathlon on the planet: the IRONMAN World Championship in Kona, Hawaii. The race is comprised of a 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile bike ride, and a 26.2 mile run, and takes place on challenging terrain and in a hot, humid climate. She came out on top with a time of 8:33:46. She was the first American woman to win in 25 years and the first rookie to win in 15 years. Chelsea is a long time fan of ElliptiGO. She initially utilized ElliptiGO bikes for cross-training and to help her return to racing after an injury. In the lead-up to Kona, she rode her ElliptiGO bike to regain fitness post-pregnancy.


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  1. Emily Sisson’s New Women’s American Records: Professional distance runner Emily Sisson stunned the sport this year with two new American records for women. In October, she ran a 2:18:29 at the Chicago Marathon, shaving 43 seconds off the previous record! This came not long after she set the new standard for American women in the Half Marathon at the USATF Half Marathon Championships, clocking a 1:07:11. Emily utilized ElliptiGO bikes in her training and to prevent injury while competing at the highest levels!


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  1. YOU – Our Growing Community! Last, but certainly not least – it’s time we talked about the true stars of the show: you! Our amazing community has grown tremendously in 2022. The connections that our bikes have helped create are the highlight for us year after year, and this one was no different. Our Global ElliptiGO Riders Club continues to grow, our Facebook Group now includes more than 5,800 members and the ElliptiGO Strava Group is closing in on 1,700 members. Thank you for making the world of ElliptiGO a place where all people feel welcome and have a chance to GO after their goals. Cheers to you this New Year!

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What is next for ElliptiGO? 2023 is going to be another year of miles and memories! We hope you’ll stick around for the ride. See you in the New Year! May it be a happy, healthy one for all of us.

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