Year In Review: ElliptiGO Shares 2018 Milestones and Memories

25,000 bikes on the Road

2019 is off to a great start here at ElliptiGO. We’ve been gaining amazing momentum since creating the world’s first elliptical bike in 2010 and are pedaling towards the future of stand up cycling with more power than ever. Here are the events that helped define our 2018 and that continued to propel our new category forward.

Big News

This year, we shared two exciting announcements with you. The first came in March as we launched the SUB, the stand up bike. Second, we were proud to announce the sale of our 25,000th bike in September.

Amazing AthletesRusty Snow World Champs

We are proud to see athletes of all kinds using ElliptiGO bikes as a part of their training. Dean Karnazes shared his love for the SUB. Brian Reynolds and Katie Matthews killed it at the Chicago Marathon, both setting PRs and Brian setting a new world record. Jason Schlarb took another ultra title. Rusty Snow won his seventh consecutive Elliptical Cycling World Championship. Katie Mackey placed 8th at World Indoor Track & Field Championships.

We added 60 new schools, which includes 36 high schools and 24 colleges and universities. That means that ElliptiGO training is now a part of athletic programs at 270 schools, including 145 high schools and 125 colleges and universities. We highlighted one of those programs, Loudoun Valley High School, who shared how our bikes are impacting their athletes and teams as a whole. Out of over 600 entries, Lutheran West High School won our School Giveaway.

Also in 2018, we welcomed new athletes and teams including  Jordan Hasay, Natasha Hastings, NAZ Elite and True Blue Elite.

Lyn Riding the SUB

Captivating Customers

Call us biased, but we seriously think our customers are the best in the world. This year, we were inspired by customers including:

    • Idai, who completed a ride from the southernmost point in Britain to the northernmost and back on an ElliptiGO bike in honor of his brother.
    • Steve, who is bringing competitive notoriety to stand up cycling.
    • Lou, who is riding his ElliptiGO bike to support breast cancer research.
    • Matt, who incorporates the ElliptiGO 8C and Arc 8 to gain peak performance for triathlon.
    • Larry, who rode around the world on his ElliptiGO bike.
    • Lyn, who inspired many with her weight loss journey.
    • Waldon, who overcame addiction and homelessness.
    • Todd, who reclaimed his runner’s high with an ElliptiGO 11R.
    • Katie, who showcases the power of ElliptiGO bikes at RAGBRAI.


Our Active Community

With 25,000 bikes on the road, our community is growing and more vibrant than ever. In conjunction with Global ElliptiGO Riders Club, we welcome hundreds of riders to our 9th annual ElliptiGO World Championship and Rally Weekend. The GERC hosted it’s ElliptiGO Winter and Spring Classics in Scottsdale, AZ and Clermont, FL. The GERC’s GOGO Challenge created comradery and friendly competition between riders all around the world. ElliptiGO riders also took to the streets in the desert at the Tour De Palm Springs and in the Big Apple at Five Boro Bike Tour. There are over 1000 members giving each other kudos in the ElliptiGO Strava Club, and 3000 sharing in the ElliptiGO private Facebook group, a page run solely by our customers. Also incredibly worthy of note: Idai inspired our community to go further with his Longest Ride Challenge.

Rally Team photo

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